Thursday, February 14, 2013

MASS UFO SIGHTINGS: Were These UFOs In The Sky Over Des Moines, Iowa Sunday Night?!

February 14, 2013 - IOWA, UNITED STATES - On Monday, Feb. 11, Deb Reed posted this photo and question on The Waterland Blog’s Facebook Page:

Always a (somewhat skeptical) fan of unusual stories (heck, Publisher/Editor Scott Schaefer is producing and directing “The Maury Island Incident” film this year), we reached out to Deb, and here’s what she told us:
“I first noticed one outside my South window (Sunday night, Feb. 10), it looked to hover and it was red, the shape was long narrow, like you were looking up at the underneath side of a helicopter, but with bright red lights. My address on 8th Ave South is almost directly under the Sea-Tac flight path, planes were coming in from the South, they had to see it too and my husband said, ‘this will be all over the news the FAA will be on this immediately.’ It really appeared they were higher in altitude than the incoming flights.

That one went out of view, I looked out the front of my house to the West and in about 5 minutes another set of light came from the West, red color again. I thought they were coming from the direction of Tacoma, from over the water, they would gain altitude and disappear. Then in just several minutes a 3rd set of 4 light, this pic doesn’t do them justice… but this took place over about a 20-30 minute time frame. So, I would say I saw a total of a dozen…”
Here’s an enlargement of the .jpeg we were provided – it appears that there were four different, disconnected objects in the sky:

UPDATE 2/12/13 3 p.m.: We received a Comment from Shelley Merryfield on both this post and our Facebook page:
“I had one of these actually land on my deck,” she said. “”It is a mini heart shaped sort of hot air balloon. They were set afire and launched near Salty’s.” Shelley sent us the following photo (click image to see larger version) – could this be one of the UFOs Deb saw?

What do YOU think?

- Waterland Blog.

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