Sunday, January 11, 2015

UFO SIGHTINGS: "I Just Looked Up And It Was There" - UFOs Spotted Over Swanley And Bexleyheath, United Kingdom!

January 11, 2015 -  UNITED KINGDOM
 - A Swanley contractor claims to have seen UFOs over Bexleyheath - almost 60 years after a flying saucer reportedly landed nearby.

Tony Histed, who lives off London Road, pictured a saucer-shaped object in the sky around 11.20pm on December 30.

He said: "I just looked up and there it was, then it just shot off - it didn't make a noise."

In September last year, the contractor was working at building site off Briarfield Close when he first saw strange lights in the sky above King Harold's Way during the onset of a thunderstorm.

Tony Histed relives to moment he saw lights in the sky in Bexleyheath

He said: "As I was walking out of the site, I noticed a bright light in the sky to the east I stopped and watched it as it came across the sky towards the storm.

"One more appeared in front of it, and they both flew silently on into the oncoming storm.

"I went back to the site and when I got there I went up on the scaffolding when this orb came up off the ground followed by another orb.

"They then levelled off and flew to the north east, the last one split into two and the re-joined again and then they disappeared." - News Shopper.

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