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UFO SIGHTINGS: NASA Mission Captures - The Latest Images Of Giant UFOs, Mysterious Structures And Aerial Anomalies In Space!

January 14, 2015 - SPACE
- In the  following videos, taken from NASA's multimedia archives, UFOs, mysterious structures and various aerial anomalies can be seen on or around the Sun, the Moon, Planet Mars, in Earth's orbit and around the International Space Station (ISS).

WATCH: Anomalies shapes on Mars.

  WATCH: UFO or space junk in space.

A photo from the past -- the 1966 Gemini 12 mission -- seems to have offered up yet another anomaly to fire the imaginations of UFO hunters everywhere. In fact, and appropriately enough, the Gemini photo in question appears to have captured two objects floating above the arc of the Earth.

Digital Journal reported Jan. 11 that UFO enthusiast Streetcap1 had once again discovered something strange in our near-Earth vicinity. Although Streetcap1's discoveries are usually of the more recent variety, the YouTube user has been known to also find the occasional odd thing in past NASA photos -- like a rainbow-tinted UFO in an old Apollo 12 photo. And like the rainbow UFO in the moon shot, this pair of UFOs -- dubbed the "Gemini Twins" -- also display a variety of colors.

As Digital Journal pointed out (and as did Streetcap1), the unidentified objects in the photo appear to be monitoring the Gemini Mission. Streetcap1 admitted that the objects could very well be satellites, but in 1966 there weren't that many satellites floating above Earth. And given the distance and relative size of the objects, these would have been rather large satellites.

The Gemini 12 photo undoubtedly prompts UFO enthusiasts to recall one of the more famous of UFO images -- those captured by Gemini 11, wherein a UFO appears that could not be explained by the astronauts who saw it nor the scientists and military monitoring the mission. Given its dimensions and relative size, the object could not have been a Russian satellite (the closest object known to be near the Gemini spacecraft), according to an official investigative report produced by Bruce Maccabee of the U. S. Naval Surface Weapons Center (posted at

The Gemini Project, preceded the Apollo moon missions in the United States' quest to reach the moon. It was the second phase of NASA's manned spaceflight program, following the Mercury missions. The Gemini Project, which began in 1961, spanned ten manned missions between March 1965 and December 1966, the last being Gemini 12.

So what did NASA pick up in the old photo? Aliens monitoring the Gemini 12 mission? Or are the objects examples of some photographic error, a couple glares of light, or something nowhere near as romantic as the idea of UFO observers from other worlds sent to document humankind's first forays into space? - Examiner.

WATCH: UFO above the Moon.

See original images HERE, HERE and HERE.

 WATCH: Alien or Human Astronauts?

See original image HERE.

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