Wednesday, February 11, 2015

UFO SIGHTINGS: "UFO" Seen Over Leeds, United Kingdom - One Day After Another Was Seen In Neighbouring Bradford!

The original photo with a close-up of the ‘UFO’ (in the circle).

February 11, 2015 -  LEEDS, UNITED STATES
 - A UFO has allegedly been spotted in Leeds, shortly after a bright circular object was recorded in the sky a day before in a neighbouring city.

The person who saw the object, who requested to be named by his first name Martyn, spotted a bright white light on the 8 February around 6.30pm at Kippax, Leeds.

He said: “It was basically excitement and awe for me as it changed colours and I came to the realisation of what I was seeing. I wanted to sit and watch it until it did more or to see if it went. I’d have sat there for hours if it weren’t for me getting an earful off the Mrs.

A photo taken by Martyn last year.
“My partner kind of believed me and her brother. She didn’t see why I’d lie and she can kind of tell if I’m being serious or not but I don’t think she doubts for a second there are things not coming here and weird stuff happening.”

The images that Martyn captured resembled a circular object recorded by another person in Bradford the day before.

But it isn’t the first time Martyn claims to have seen something he cannot explain.

A “bright light”

On 14 August last year, he saw a “bright light” at around 11pm over the M62 in Castleford/Pontefract heading towards the A1.

He said: “I noticed a bright light while driving and was like ‘that’s unusual’. My partner’s brother was extremely skeptical of possible extra-terrestrial things. We were trying to work out if it was moving but it was hard to tell as we were driving.

“We came to the conclusion it was moving slowly, and we both discussed that it was definitely not a plane. There were planes you could see so it was easily distinguishable that it wasn’t one. Plus it wasn’t moving fast enough it was more of a sluggish hover movement.”

Martyn watched it for about a minute before it rose up and disappeared in around two to three seconds.

He said: “I believe there will be more advanced life forms out there than us, maybe elements we don’t know that exist out there that aren’t on earth.

“I have an open mind to a lot of things and have always had the odd look up at the skies wondering. It just so happens that recently I’ve witnessed two strange events unfold.” - Yorkshire Standard.

UFO Filmed Over Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK

A Bradford resident claims to have captured an unidentified flying object in the sky before it “went upwards and flew away”.

The bright circular object was recorded in the sky yesterday on the 7 February by a man walking home from the shop.

The uploader narrated in the video: “As I was just walking home from the shop something zigzagged about in the sky… unfortunately I was coming back from the shop and had to go in and get a camera.

“It’s hard to explain to people. It can’t be a star because of the zigzagging it was doing. The only thing I can see in the sky is the aeroplane trail and a cloud, but there are no stars at all. . . .

WATCH: UFO over Bradford, West Yorkshire.

- Yorkshire Standard.

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