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EXOPOLITICAL DECEPTION: Roswell Slides Unveiled - UFO Fans Left Heartbroken By Area 51 "Alien" Photo Unveiling, Which Was "AN EPIC FAIL"!

Alien or mummy? A screenshot of the slide, which has not been released

May 9, 2015 -  UNITED STATES
 - Two mysterious images of a 'dead extraterrestrial' revealed at a pay-per-view event. But are they really the smoking gun alien fans were hoping for?

Two photographs of a "dead alien" were unveiled at a big money event last night - and immediately dismissed as fake.

A series of 'UFOlogists' appeared at the Be Witness meeting last night to reveal images of an extraterrestrial who supposedly crashed to Earth during the infamous Roswell incident in 1947.

The images were found by former journalist Adam Dew, who reportedly turned down interviews with magazines that wanted to cover the story because "they were not offering any compensation".

WATCH: Kodachrome - A Documentary - Official Trailer.

He claimed to have taken steps to verify the pair of alien snaps and said Kodak experts had dated the film to 1947.

But the rest of the world has not had the chance to test the rigour of his methods, because high resolution images of the alien are not yet available.

They are likely to be sold through his production company Dew Media alongside a documentary about the discovery of the slides.

The photos were supposedly found in Arizona, hidden in a collection of snaps owned by oil geologist Bernard Ray and his wife Hilda Ray, who have both died.

Nick Pope, a researcher who headed up a UFO investigation wing at the UK Ministry of Defence, told Mirror Online he was "underwhelmed".

"It could be a model, or it could simply be a fake image, dressed up to look like a Forties slide," he said.

"The motivations for hoaxing are complex. Some hoaxes are money-making scams, but sometimes it's just a desire to say 'we fooled the world'.

"I can understand why the UFO community is disappointed and conspiracy theorists are probably already claiming the whole thing was a government plot, designed to discredit the subject and make it look ridiculous."

After the photographs were revealed, UFO spotters immediately took to Twitter to share screenshots of the snaps using the hashtag "#BeDisappointed".

Some compared the images to previous photos of Egyptian mummies from the Smithsonian.

Critics have pointed out a film showing an 'autopsy' of an alien found at Roswell was released exactly 20 years before the Be Witness event yesterday.

This older film (pictured below) was discovered by British music producer Ray Santilly. Although it was dismissed as fake, it reportedly earned him a sizeable amount of money.

There are several other connections between the Santilly film and the release of the Roswell photos, leading some to claim the new slides are a "carefully prepared scam".

For instance, the alien in the Santilly video was nicknamed Hilda - the same name as the woman who supposedly owned the new Roswell Slides.

The big reveal took place in a massive auditorium packed with thousands of eager UFO fans.

Although there was a live stream available, viewers had to fork out $20 if they wanted to watch it.

British skygazers were at a particular disadvantage, because the event started at 11.30pm and went on until dawn, with many speakers talking in Spanish.

This image of an alien autopsy didn't fool many people

Mirror Online spoke to the former astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to land on the moon and an outspoken believer in extraterrestrial visitations.

The 84-year-old appeared at Be Witness via a Skype link and insisted the images showed the remains of an alien being.

"These images show a type of alien known as a little grey," he told us.

"However, we have no way of knowing if it was the creature which creatures from the Roswell incident."

Major Jesse Marcel with debris found 75 miles north west of Roswell, NM, in June 1947

Gary Heseltine, a former policeman who is now editor of UFO Truth Magazine, also insisted the images were real.

"I know many of the people who were involved," he told Mirror Online.

"They wouldn't risk their reputation by appearing at this event if the photos weren't genuine.

"From my background as a policeman, I know what evidence is. These were compelling images of a being which was not human."

We asked organisers if the event was a money-making venture rather than a genuine revelation proving the existence of alien life.

Jaime Maussan, the journalist who organised the unveiling, replied: "The forensics experts explained in full yesterday why this is [an alien and].

"We also presented the analysis from photography experts stating that the picture is real and from the late 1940s.

"I lost about $100 thousand in the event, even though we had six thousand people in the auditorium and a few thousand watching on the Internet.

"I never did it for money, I knew I was going to lose cash even before started the organisation of the event, but I didn't care.

"They are wrong all the way." - Mirror.

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