Saturday, November 14, 2015

SIGNS & SYMBOLS: "The Work Of Humanoid Extraterrestrials" - Police Left Baffled By Mysterious Crop Circles Appearing In Wheat Fields Of Argentina?!

Strange happenings: These crop circles have appeared in Argentina

November 14, 2015 -  ARGENTINA
 - Police are baffled as to who - or what - is creating a series of mysterious crop circles in Argentina.

A number of strange patterns have been appearing in wheat fields in the northern province of Salta this year, with the latest incident recorded at a plantation in Chicoana.

Crop circle investigator Mercedes Casas said: "The pattern in this case is of nine circles that start big and get smaller as you move along.

"The first has a diameter of seven metres then they get gradually smaller until the last one, which is four metres and has some peculiar markings. The circles are connected by lines about one metre wide and a few centimetres tall."

Another instance of crop circles was recorded in Salta in February.

Mercedes believes they are the work of ‘humanoids’ - extra-terrestrial beings in the form of humans.

But others have dismissed the circles as a prank.

Crop circles
Alien life? Enthusiasts believe the circles are the work of 'humanoids'

Crop circles
Happened before: These crop circles in Salta in 2012

Taner Edis, professor of physics at Truman State University, said; "All fall within the range of the sort of thing done in hoaxes.

"Although obscure natural causes or alien origins of crop circles are suggested by fringe theorists, there is no scientific evidence for such explanations, and human causes are consistent for all crop circles."  - Mirror.

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