Thursday, November 19, 2015

SUPERNATURAL: Terrified Couple Have Their "Ghost Home" In Argentina Exorcised - After Eerie Shadows Appeared On The Walls And Their Son Even Started Drawing Crosses To Keep Away Evil Spirits?!

November 19, 2015 -  ARGENTINA
 - A terrified family had their home exorcised after eerie luminous shadows appeared on their walls and they saw objects move by themselves.

The unnamed couple said their son started drawing crosses on the bedroom wall of their family home in Castelar, Argentina, in a desperate bid to keep away the spirits.

The exorcism was conducted by Bishop Manuel Acuna and Gustavo Farias, a specialist in electromagnetic fields who was called to check the house beforehand.

Footage shows the bishop and his team of exorcists holding up crosses and orating from old Lutheran texts.

One assistant also lights incense, which fills the room with smoke as the bishop's mantra-like chants become more fervent.

Exorcised: The family needed help from priests to rid home of evil spirit

The exorcism was too much for one woman who collapsed at the end

Cross words: The team defeated evil armed with a cross and self-penned guide to exorcisms

 Bishop Manuel Acuna performs the house exorcism by holding a cross while incense is lit and spread throughout the property

The ceremony is paused on two occasions as the group attempts to reassure family members, who can be seen in a state of distress in the next room.

During the exorcism, the technician can be heard saying an energy is moving through the atmosphere.

Exorcism to rid possessed child of evil demon so powerful woman collapses

The clip ends with the bishop happily announcing that the spooky house is finally clear of spirits.

Members of the family can be heard whispering: 'Thank you Manuel, thank you Manuel.'

Mr Farias, speaking after the incident, added: 'I have never worked with an exorcist before, it's definitely interesting to say the least.'

An exorcism is an event where demons or spirits are evicted from a property they are believed ot have possessed. - Daily Mail.

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