Saturday, December 5, 2015

EXTRATERRESTRIAL MEMES: "The X-Files" Returns - Uses Viral UFO Videos To Promote New Teaser!

December 5, 2015 -  HOLLYWOOD, UNITED STATES
 - If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. That seems to be the motto for the upcoming X-Files revival miniseries.

In addition to keeping most of the original cast and the
original credit sequence from the show, the series has also put a special focus on UFOs and aliens in its latest marketing.

As loyal fans know, the alien conspiracies were central to the series even while the writers did other “monster of the week” episodes throughout the run.

The latest promotional spot for the show reminds us of just that in a very clever way. With only six episodes for the miniseries, there’s
only so much footage to use to tease potential audience members with.

Instead of giving us new footage from the show, the marketing team has put together viral footage of UFOs, reminding us of Mulder (
David Duchovny) and Scully’s (Gillian Anderson) search for the truth about extraterrestrials.

It happens to be the perfect time for this kind of teaser too as there was a flurry of twitter activity in early November as people, including celebrities like Josh Groban,
shared images of a supposed UFO over the California coast that was also revealed to be a test of some kind by the Air Force.

It looks like Fox is using actual video footage posted from that event to social media for their promo as well.


WATCH: The X-Files Teaser - Ask Yourself.

- TMN.

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