Saturday, December 26, 2015

UFO INCIDENTS: The Allagash Abductions - Mysterious Extraterrestrial Encounter In Maine In 1976!

December 26, 2015 -  MAINE, UNITED STATES - The following documentary is about one of the most mysterious and compelling UFO, and potential extraterrestrial/alien abduction cases from the witnesses’ perspective themselves.

Twin brothers Jim and Jack Weiner, together with their two friends Charles Foltz and Charles Rack, went on a trip for canoeing and camping to the Allagash in Maine in August 1976. One night they experienced a UFO encounter.

Years after that alien encounter, the brothers suffered nightmares and underwent regression hypnosis. Regressed separately, they shared similar recollections of what took place on the night of their UFO sighting.

WATCH: The Allagash abductions.


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