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UFO SIGHTINGS: The Latest UFO Sightings Across The Globe - December 18, 2015!

UFO clouds over Ontario, Canada. See more below.

December 18, 2015 - EARTH - The following videos constitutes several of the latest sightings of unidentified flying objects across the globe.

WATCH: Strange UFO sighting filmed over New Jersey, United States - December 14, 2015.

Giant glowing UFO orbs over Colorado, United States - December 14, 2015.

Eye-witness report [Unedited]:
I went outside first thing this morning. After sitting outside for a few minutes, I looked West at the fog covering the hillside. Then, there was a bright, almost blinding light that made my eyes tear up; I mean tears rolling down my face. The object did not move. It appeared to be in front of the heavy fog. It appeared to be above the hill and slightly in front of the hill. After snapping a few pictures, it appeared to dim. It had a translucence to it. I looked down at my camera to make sure I had gotten the shot, looked up, and it was gone. After having examined the pictures I took, the pictures effectively portray exactly how the object looked to my eyes. The top of the object is completely dome shaped. The bottom is jagged as if there were trees in front of the object. Behind that hill, there is a cluster of trees that could have caused this effect, but it would mean that there was an object behind the trees, bright enough to cut through the heavy, morning fog. In the pictures, the Sun is clearly visible to the left of the object. The light that the object emitted looked to be the same or similar to the sun, but it could not have been a reflection because the sun was behind and to the left of the object. It also does not and did not, appear to be a break in the fog. It was clearly in front of the heavy fog. I've lived high up in the Rocky Mountains for quite some time now, and I have seen my fair share of weird "light tricks" caused by ice particles in the atmosphere -- I've never seen anything quite like this. If there is a scientific explanation for this, I would love to hear it...although the author in me wants to think it was a glitch in a cloaking device, (har, har). I've included the original unaltered images as well as copies of the same images that I inverted. Thank you!

WATCH: UFO sighting filmed over Monterrey Park, California, United States - December 6, 2015.

Eye-witness report [Unedited]:
This UFO Sighting was documented on December 6th at 5pm Just when we were packing up to go home, and just like they like to do we saw one of the numerous anomalies we we encounter at our meetups show up when we were least expecting it. We were about to put our cameras away when Efren(Eagle Eyes) Spots this bright object sitting high in the sky brighter than anything else we witnessed that day, We quickly ran into action once he called us in and pointed it out to the rest of us where the object was, once we spotted it Kelly managed to get it on her film, I Myself tried but realized i didn’t have my memory card which is why you see me run away from my camera in a haste to retrieve it in the video, after i run Yasmin Joyner Manages to film this anomaly with her camera and documented it the same time as Kelly is, I in this time make it back to my camera and replenish the missing memory card slot for my Canon T3i and start aiming and scoping down the Unidentified Object so I can document itl, when I managed to get a lock on it so were Kelly And Yas recording it, it was at this moment that we  witnessed this object disappear Before our Eyes and Lenses Documenting the entire thing on 2 Nikon 90′s and my Canon I call Hubert. Thanks to Mark Mgnabb the producer of a Documentary  called [Making Contact] we were also able to document ourselves as we filmed this UFO so you can experience the raw emotion and excitement we go through when we experience a UFO at one of our Free Field-Research Meetups


UFO clouds over Ontario, Canada - November 4, 2015.

Eye-witness report [Unedited]:
I'm always taking sky pictures and not always but every now and then I find things that shouldn't be there. Yesterday was one of those times. I take random pictures without really focusing because I like surprises and because I like aiming at the sun and surrounding clouds and it's hard to really focus at those. I got home, connected my phone to the computer and went through my pictures. This is when I saw them. I circled them.

WATCH: California man spots hovering UFO - June, 2014.

A man in Canada has captured an incident that he believed involved a hovering UFO 200 feet over the ocean while he was out on a camping trip.

Mr Sheppard, who was sleeping under the sky with his wife near Kensington, Prince Edward in Canada, filmed the bizarre light.

In a description about the video, Mr Sheppard narrates that he sees flashing bright, on and off. It reminds him of a dreidel or a spin top. He adds that it’s very big and appears heavy as well. From Mr Sheppard perspective, he says it’s about 200 or 300 feet above the ocean. He notes no land in from of him.

“It’s very bright, the lights are very bright. I’d say it’s probably well over a kilometer away, but it’s big so it could be even further and it’s really emitting a glow. It’s lighting up quite an area around it.”

The reporting witness is very certain it’s not a ship because they can see the bottom of object above the water.

Mutual UFO Network YouTube channel uploaded the video on December 15.

Canadian Field investigator Geoff Genge investigated and closed the case as Unknown in June 2014.

Genge said the witness was with his wife for an annual camping trip. Mr Sheppard saw a bizarre, massive light out over the ocean to the north while his wife was asleep in the tent around 11:30 pm, the report said.

Genge finds the witness’ video and photos compelling and says the descriptions are good too. The investigator says that the low resolution iPhone camera makes it hard to make out details.


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