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SIGNS & SYMBOLS: Crop Circle Formation In Roosendaal, Southern Holland - March 17, 2015!

April 12, 2015 -  HOLLAND
 -  According to the Crop Circle Connector another crop circle appeared in Holland. The formation was created on March 17, 2015.

Eye-witness report:

Date: March 17, 2014 (early morning hours)

Location: Near Roosendaal, Southern Holland
Crop: Young Rapeseed (“Koolzaad” or “Mosterdzaad” in Dutch)
Found By: Robbert v/d Broeke (
Photos & Diagram: Roy Boschman (aerial by Ronald)
Report By: Nancy Talbott, BLT Research Team (

This is the second crop circle to occur in Holland in 2014, the first having been found on January 29th in partially-frozen grasses (—the only January formation known to have occurred in Holland. As has consistently been the case for going on 19 years now, Dutch medium Robbert van den Broeke “saw” both of these formations in his “mind’s eye,” apparently as they were occurring (see English introduction to his case on the BLT website for more details: — and in the case of this new March formation he also saw, just before photographer Roy Boschman arrived to drive him to the distant location, the “design” (which he described as being like a “giant flower”).

In the car on the way to Roosendaal Robbert “saw” that this circle was very near a railroad crossing and when he and Roy reached the right place he reports that he was “drawn with his heart” to the exact location not far from the tracks.  The men walked along the rail-bed and realized, when they got to the right place, that the field was not grass but contained a brittle plant with stalks that snapped if you stepped on them.  Realizing that this was probably young rapeseed, they then picked their way very carefully to the circle to avoid the sharp stalks.

Knowing that rapeseed plants both break very easily and show “scrape” marks if they’ve been mechanically-flattened, Roy took special care to photograph areas of the formation to clearly show that neither condition was present when the formation was found—no broken stalks, no “scrape” marks at all, anywhere in the circles or rings.

Many of the 14 small circles in-between the two rings were elliptical, and some had standing centres…again, even in these small circles, there was no indication of mechanical flattening, all of the plants being bent over at the base and showing no “scrape” marks.

The farmer, who was interested to hear that a crop circle had occurred in his fields, said that he would be ploughing this field under in a few days (along with manure) to ready the soil for the next planting.  Whether the white-flowered plants are some other variety of rapeseed or some other thick-stalked plant altogether we don’t know, but it appears in this case that these plants are intended to provide nutrients for the next crop.

Robbert reported experiencing a very powerful “cosmic” presence which he described as both serene and producing a “magical” atmosphere in the formation, and he thinks people can be connected to these “energies” just be looking at the photos—much the same way the “vibrations from Bach Flower Remedies work.”  He also states that this formation is connected to the collective consciousness of the "Pleiadian civilization” and that sweet “nature spirits” and “fairies” are in and around these circles.

For in-depth reports in English about Robbert and the multiple anomalous phenomena which constantly occur around him (including his “seeing” the details regarding the man-made Dec., 2013 California crop circle) see the reports listed below the introduction to Robbert’s case on the BLT website:

For photos of the January, 2014 Dutch crop circle and more photos of this new one, see Robbert's Cropcircle Archive (in Dutch, but many reports also in translated English):

Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team Inc.
P.O. Box 400127
Cambridge, MA  02140  (USA)

ph:  617/492-0415

Click HERE for more aerial shots, ground shots, field reports, diagrams and articles.

UFO SIGHTINGS: "It Was Not Like Anything I Have Ever Seen Before" - "Eerie" UFO Footage Captured By Barwell Woman In Somerset, England?!

April 12, 2015 -  ENGLAND
 - A Barwell woman managed to capture video footage of a UFO after spotting a white ball of light hovering in the sky from her kitchen window.

The woman, who has asked to only be to be known as Sammi, said she went to do some washing up when the spotted the unusual unidentified flying object from outside of her window.

The 26-year-old mum, who lives on Stapleton Lane, said: “I have seen drones and I have let off Chinese lanterns myself before.

“It was not like anything I have ever seen before.

“I ran straight outside and started filming on my mobile phone.

“It wasn’t very good so then I got my partners camera and ran upstairs to get some clearer footage.

WATCH: UFO over Barwell.

“There was this constant light and it was quite low. It looked like it was in between some trees but it’s hard to tell when it’s far away in the sky.

“It was hovering. It dipped slightly up and down and after around 15 minutes it completely disappeared. It was towards the direction of the Pingles pet store.

“There was no noise coming from it at all.

“I found it quite eerie.”

Sammi said that the object she saw was definitely not a helicopter or a plane, because of the way it moved.

She added that she had seen other UFOs on several occasions but none like this one.

Sammi said: “I have definitely seen UFOs before. The first time I was about seven-years-old and living in Birstall. Me and my sister were sharing a room and her friend was over. We were telling stories then we looked out of the window and saw some flying coloured bright lights. It was just like a flying saucer. It was there with flashing lights and then it was suddenly gone.

“The other time I was at Thornton Reservoir and I was about 22. It was really high up in the sky and was a sort of triangle shape and was a white colour. I spent ages watching it and it didn’t move then it just completely disappeared.

“We don’t know what’s out there but it creeps me out a bit.

“I don’t think we can be the only people in the solar system. Lets just hope they are not like the things the movies depict them as.” - Hinckley Times.

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