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UFO SIGHTINGS: The Latest UFO Sightings Across The Globe - April 26, 2015!

April 26, 2015 - EARTH - The following videos constitutes several of the latest sightings of unidentified flying objects across the globe.

UFOs and Strange Noises in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia

They weren't birds and they weren't planes... so what were the strange objects in our skies on Friday night?

People across Bundaberg spotted the shiny orange objects in the night sky and took to social media with some suggesting they were Chinese lanterns and others thinking there was a more otherworldly explanation.

Reports of UFOs (keeping in mind a UFO is simply something in the sky we can't explain) seem to be nothing new in the region - and I should know because I have reported on a lot of them.

WATCH: UFO over Bundaberg.

But on Friday night I became the subject when I spotted two of these lights moving over the sky as I was getting into my car.

To me, they were not planes. Planes don't closely follow each other, they make a different kind of light and have a sound.

UFO Spotted Over Acton Park, Wales
An unidentified flying object has been filmed over Acton Park, the second in two weeks.

The sighting on Tuesday was uploaded by ‘Glen’ who said he saw the object overhead around 10pm: “My cam is not the greatest but it managed to capture what ever the object was.

“I watched it pulse easily the brightest thing in the sky also seen a number of helicopters in the sky they must of been able to see the same thing”

“I went out to Box Lane to get a better look was there for over a hour someone else in Wrexham must be seeing the same thing?”

Another UFO was spotted in the same location on the 31st of March, with the spotter saying: “This object was stationary and very low in the sky

“My eyes couldnt make any other colours but white and couldnt make much of a shape out as it was very bright white”.

WATCH: UFO seen above Acton Park, Wrexham.

People keep reporting UFOs in Savannah, Georgia, United States
A blue orb moves "silently but steadily across the Georgia coastline towards Tybee Island."

That's not the beginning of a sci-fi story. It's just what someone sent to the National UFO Reporting Center in June 2006. And it's not the only time.

Savannah's got a tourism mini-niche built on spooky ghost stories, but apparently we've got our run-ins with UFOs, too. Or so people keep reporting, anyway. The Atlantic's CityLab posted a story about a time-lapse map of UFO sightings in the United States from 1933 through the present. Since I'd fallen for that clickbait while at work, I figured I might as well see if any of the reports were from Savannah.

I thought we'd have one or two reports tops, but there were about 30 in the last decade.

Most alleged sightings were in Savannah, including one last year when someone reported a "shooting star" that "did a loop" over Hunter Army Airfield.

In 2008, someone reported "a triangle-shaped object with light" hovering above trees off U.S. 80 in Bloomingdale that "tilted downward and shot off."

Some people have reported "fireballs" around Tybee. The island and surrounding area accounted for seven of the roughly 30 entries dating back to 2005, including the most recent reported sighting on March 30: "a craft with three extremely bright, white lights flying soundlessly over the marsh and crossing Highway 80."

So I asked Tybee Police Chief Bob Bryson if his officers get calls about UFOs. It turns out they do.

"We've had UFO stuff before," he said. "People call about all kinds of things." The police chief said he has no plans to open up an X-Files unit at the beach.

Man claims to see UFOs every night over Bakersfield, California, United States

A witness shared a UFO video reportedly taken in the sky above Rosedale, California. Joseph Guzman said that he saw it every night in the same place. He contacted local CBS affiliate KBAK to seek for help in identifying the aerial object.

Guzman explained that he can’t believe nobody else saw what he has been seeing. He said that anybody can see it when they drive down Rosedale, anywhere in Bakersfield and look up at around 7:30 or 7:45 towards Rosedale.

He described the object as unidentified flying object that moves and glows. He said that it had a green and orange light.

KBAK posted the UFO sighting video on Facebook, and it received a lot of responses. President of the Antelope Valley Astronomy Club based in Palmdale, California, Frank Moore, suggested that the UFO is the planet Venus.

But the UFO has its top cut off, which many viewers rule out the possibility of it as the second nearest planet to the sun.

Moore has the explanation saying that some of the images taken by the witness show part of the disc cut off, so it appears flat on one side. Like the moon, Venus goes through phases where several amounts of the disc are illuminated at various times by the sun, Moore continued. He said that the disc of Venus right now is illuminated 70.87%, which is consistent in some of the witness’ images.

Moore also suggested Sirius as a possible explanation for Guzman’s UFO. He said that Sirius often appears to twinkle or change colors as a variable multiple star.

But Guzman doesn’t accept both possibilities. He’s convinced that he spotted a craft of some kind on a nightly basis. Though he’s not convinced it’s an alien, he wants to know the truth. But if in case it is an extraterrestrial, Guzman wants it to come down and have a coffee or something.

Rosedale is on the western outskirts of Bakersfield, a city that has repeatedly been mentionedin the news recently because of its various UFO sightings.

WATCH: UFO over Bakersfield.

WATCH: UFO hovering over Houston, Texas, United States - August, 2014.

WATCH: Unknown lights over Aliso Viejo, California, United States – August, 2014.

Eye-witness report:
Notice objects glowing in the distance when getting off exit in Aliso Viejo. Three bright lights appeared stationary and in triangle formation. Pulsing. Eventually two disappeared, but the third remained in the sky for a long time in excess of 20 minutes. I have pictures and video of event from the balcony of my house. Heard lots of helicopters in area too. The last picture is taken from thru the windshield of my car and shows the difference compared to a traffic light.

Lights over Andover, UK a sign of UFO activity?

Could the lights in this video be a sign of alien activity over Andover?

This footage was filmed by a family in 2009 and it appears to show inexplicable strange lights in the sky moving around and fading in and out.

Other viewers of the video say they have witnessed similar activitiy over the skies of Andover between 2006 and 2010 which apparently cannot be explained by military aircraft.

Have you seen potential UFOs flying over Andover?

 WATCH: UFO lights over Andover.

- Savannah Now | YouTube | News Mail | Andover Advertiser | Wrexham.

EXOPOLITICAL DISCLOSURE: Amazing UFO Spotted In Chile - Was NOT A Weather Phenomenon Or Man-Made Object, Government Claim!

The object was seen two years ago and not disclosed for 10 months

April 26, 2015 -  CHILE - UFO investigators at the Committee for the Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena in Chile (CEFAA) released the recorded footage after "completing a thorough" investigation and declared in a report the mystery object in the sky was not anything they could recognise.

The video was shot by miners who were working at the Collahuasi copper mine, 14,000 feet above sea level in the northern Andean plateau, Chile, two years ago.

A spokesman for the CEFAA said: "It is not any weather phenomenon or any other known object made by man."

WATCH: Chile - Mysterious object is NOT man-made.

The shocked workers, who have not been named, reportedly kept the footage secret for several months for fear of being ridiculed, but after showing it to their bosses, were convinced into handing it to the CEFAA in February 2014 before investigations began.

The men initially described how the silver disc hovered in the sky for more than an hour and made no sound, but they then clammed up and would not cooperate with the authorities.

According to Chilean media, investigators found the object was about 10 metres across and flew in vertical and horizontal movements "that no other aircraft could do", before it disappeared eastwards.

A report on CEFAA’s the photos, described the UFO as “a flattened disc of brilliant colour" about 600 meters above ground.”

The strange object when zoomed in on the footage

CEFAA image showing movement of the UFO

Photo analysis indicated it was a solid body with a reflective surface with evidence of energy emission from the body suggesting it had a high temperature, "as expected of a powered machine."

The Chilean Meteorological Office has reportedly confirmed that there was a clear sky on the day in question and there were no reports of any lenticular clouds, which are saucer shaped formations, at the time.

Drones are used in the area, but José Lay, director of international affairs at CEFAA, ruled out the UFO being a one.

He said: "People in that area are well aware of the existence of drones. Fishing companies use drones and they make much noise. This was definitely not a drone."

The report also ruled out experimental aircraft, weather balloons, or other military drills that could have explained the sighting.

It has been added to a list of unsolved UFO cases on the CEFAA website.

Commenting on the pictures, Bruce Maccabee, a US retired Navy physicist and photo analyst, told the Huffington Post: "In the second image there appears to be a very bright hemispherical shape, convex downward, possibly a UFO enveloped in a cloud of vapour."

He said additional data was needed to be certain, but added: "it is clear that the object moved a considerable distance between the two photos.

"This is clearly not a normal thing seen in the sky. That makes it either the real thing - UFO - or a hoax, and it doesn't appear to be a hoax, although the inability to question witnesses does reduce the credibility. Certainly this case is worthy of further study."

Chile set up the body in 1997 and remains among only a handful of governments willing to openly look at the UFO issue.

Miners in Chile stare in awe at the strange object in sky

Its existence is welcomed by conspiracy theorist Paul Hellyer, who served in the 1960s Canadian government as a defence minister, who is calling on governments across the globe to release all the UFO data they have on record amid claims of a cover up, as reported by the Express yesterday.

However, sceptics remain suspicious of this latest case due to the witnesses' reluctance to cooperate, despite being assured anonymity by investigators and believe it could be an extremely elaborate hoax, possibly with the aid of an official insider, according to, which reports on the unknown.

It said "Officials have been known to try to justify the continued existence of their agency to stave off allegations of redundancy that could lead to a decision to scrap the agency by inventing work.

"With no genuinely spectacular cases to show over the years to justify continued budgetary allocations and subventions could find its continued existence threatened, thus placing officials under pressure to invent “mysterious UFOs” as a way of making the agency look busy." - Express.

ANOTHER EARTH: "Far-Reaching Implications" - Discovery Of An Ancient Solar System Almost As Old As The Milky Way!

The Daily Galaxy via University of Birmingham (UK)

April 26, 2015 -  UNITED STATES - "There are far-reaching implications for this discovery," said Tiago Campante, from the University of Birmingham's School of Physics and Astronomy, who led the research. "We now know that Earth-sized planets have formed throughout most of the Universe's 13.8 billion year history, which could provide scope for the existence of ancient life in the Galaxy. By the time the Earth formed, the planets in this system were already older than our planet is today."

Thanks to the NASA Kepler mission, the scientists announced in January 2015 in The Astrophysical Journal the observation of a Sun-like star (Kepler-444) hosting 5 planets with sizes between Mercury and Venus, that was formed 11.2 billion years ago, when the Universe was less than 20% its current age. This is the oldest known system of terrestrial-sized planets in our Galaxy - 2 and a half times older than the Earth.

The University of Birmingham team carried out the research using asteroseismology - listening to the natural resonances of the host star which are caused by sound trapped within it. These oscillations lead to miniscule changes or pulses in its brightness which allow the researchers to measure its diameter, mass and age.

The planets were then detected from the dimming that occurs when the planets transited, or passed across, the stellar disc. This fractional fading in the intensity of the light received from the star enables scientists to accurately measure the size of the planets relative to the size of the star.

"The first discoveries of exoplanets around other Sun-like stars in our Galaxy have fuelled efforts to find other worlds like Earth and other terrestrial planets outside our Solar System," said Bill Chaplin, also from the University of Birmingham who has been leading the team studying solar-type stars using asteroseismology for the Kepler Mission.

"We are now getting first glimpses of the variety of Galactic environments conducive to the formation of these small worlds. As a result, the path towards a more complete understanding of early planet formation in the Galaxy is now unfolding before us."

The image at the top of the page shows the Southern Cross, the Milky Way, and the Large Magellanic Cloud  shine above the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA C. Padilla, NRAO/AUI/NSF) - Daily Galaxy.

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