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MASS UFO SIGHTINGS: Mysterious Things In The Sky - Bright Lights, Strange Shapes And Talk Of UFOs?!

 The sight of a bright light last weekend had some Californians wondering if they'd witnessed an extraterrestrial flight. Credit Julien Solomita, via Associated Press

November 14, 2015 -  UNITED STATES - When strange things appear in the sky, many people can’t help but turn their thoughts to extraterrestrials. But there’s usually a more down-to-earth explanation.

That was the case when a bright light in the sky off the Southern California coast last weekend touched off a flurry of excitement about unidentified flying objects.

After news reports, the Navy reluctantly confirmed it had been testing a Trident II (D5) missile fired from a submarine. A second and final missile was tested on Monday, The Los Angeles Times reported.

It was one of several recent sightings in the sky to cause talk about U.F.O.s. Others included a group of strangely shaped clouds over Cape Town, also over the weekend, and an Army veteran’s claim that he spotted a “solid, dark-gray triangle-shaped craft” in the sky over Portland, Tenn., last week. Most of these sightings go unreported in the mainstream news media, though a variety of blogs and sites track them.

“The mind abhors a vacuum of explanation,” said Michael Shermer, 61, the publisher of Skeptic magazine and a columnist for Scientific American. “Short of a good explanation, people just turn to the one that most immediately comes to mind which, in pop culture, is extraterrestrials.”

A poll of a random sample of 1,114 American adults conducted by National Geographic in 2012 found that 77 percent believed “there are signs that aliens have visited Earth.” (It also found that President Obama would “handle an alien invasion” better than Mitt Romney, who was running for president at the time.)

Another, more rigorous survey frome Time and CNN conducted in 2000 found that 20 percent of respondents said they knew someone who had seen a U.F.O.

Peter Davenport, 67, is the director of a two-person organization called the National U.F.O. Reporting Center in Washington State. He compiles reports on sightings, like one in 2013 that came from a former astronaut, Byron Lichtenberg, who is based in North Texas.

(Texas is a hotbed of U.F.O. sightings, including many that turn out to be the atmospheric phenomenon known as the Marfa Lights.)

Mr. Lichtenberg confirmed that he did call in the report, though he pointed out by email that a few months after his sighting, details began to emerge about the Lockheed Martin SR-72 aircraft.

“It would make sense if that’s what we saw,” he said.

Mr. Davenport, of the reporting center, was dismissive of the idea that the naval exercise near Los Angeles should even be discussed in the same breath with possible alien sightings.

“We’re struggling with a semantic issue here,” he told me. “The term U.F.O. from my vantage point alludes to a genuine alien craft that has exhibited flight characteristics that are altogether incompatible with terrestrial aircraft or any kind of object of terrestrial origin.”

Mr. Davenport sent links to several reports of the kind of phenomena he was interested in, and described in detail the Phoenix Lights incident, playing a recording from a witness over the phone.

Fife Symington, the former governor of Arizona, initially denied having seen the mysterious lights that floated over Phoenix in 1997. He eventually confirmed to various news organizations that he had seen them, calling them “otherworldly.”

Mr. Davenport said that his principal responsibility was to avoid misleading people with data that had “nothing to do with the authentic U.F.O. cases.” But he said that many of the reports he receives are “from sincere and qualified witnesses that are seeing something that is dramatically bizarre.”

The scene Mr. Davenport describes in Phoenix is an echo of several famous films about U.F.O.’s, like “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” Steven Spielberg’s 1977 contribution to alien mythology. The cultural landscape has been saturated with stories about U.F.O.’s since the beginning of the Cold War and the “first stirrings of the space age,” as Mr. Shermer, the Skeptic publisher put it.

The popular “X Files” series, due for a six-episode return in January, popularized the idea that the government was hiding secrets about alien technology. Many episodes of the show opened with the tagline, “The Truth Is Out There.”

More likely, the truth is in our heads. Mr. Shermer, who is also the author of a book called “The Believing Brain,” is of the opinion that the possibility of alien life speaks to a spiritual need, calling it ”almost a replacement for mainstream religion.”

“In a way, extraterrestrials are like deities for atheists,” he said. “They’re always described as these vastly superior, almost omnipotent beings coming down from on high, very much like the Christ story, the Mormon story or the Scientology story.”

Although he is about as professional a skeptic as it is possible to be, Mr. Shermer said that he remained interested in the “supernatural, the paranormal, science and religion, God, extraterrestrials, U.F.O.’s, ESP.”

He added, “It is all fascinating and, if it were true, it’d be fantastic.” - NY Times.

HIGH STRANGENESS: Mysterious Vehicles Found At UFO Landing Site In Antarctica - Who Could They Belong To?!

November 14, 2015 -  ANTARCTICA
 - A Google Earth image of what appears to be a UFO that crashed into the show in Antarctica just got a little more mysterious with the discovery of prior satellite images showing what looks like four strange vehicles lined up at the site.

Who could they belong to? Why are there no tracks … tire or otherwise?

The site was first discovered this past summer by Russian UFO researcher Valentin Degterev who believed the crack-shaped opening was the result of a saucer-type UFO crashing vertically into the snow and ice. The saucer was estimated to be 240 feet in diameter and 40 feet high and the Google Earth image was taken on February 15, 2012.

The February 2012 Google Earth image of the alleged UFO crash site
The February 2012 Google Earth image of the alleged UFO crash site

Researchers looking at previous satellite images of the same site taken in April 2011 and December 2011 found what appear to be four massive vehicles parked in the snow and pointed at the crack. In addition, these prior images show what could be the actual flying saucer with a skid mark in the snow making it look like the craft landed, possibly in an emergency.

A magnified view of the strange vehicles near the UFO
A magnified view of the strange vehicles near the UFO

What should we make of these earlier satellite images? While some reports identify the shapes as “tanks,” if they really are vehicles, they’re massive in size, probably around 70 feet in length. There are no tire tracks, but they could have been covered by snow or blown away.

Then there’s the saucer itself. It certainly looks like a landing imprint in the snow behind it which the wind hadn’t blown away. But why is it horizontal in this image and vertical in the later one? Did the occupants of the vehicles attempt to bury it? If so, why did they stop? Why are they no longer in the later images?

What has happened at this site since 2012? Why are there no later images? Were the saucer, the crash site and the vehicles eventually covered up with snow? Taken away? By whom … or what? - Mysterious Universe.

SIGNS & SYMBOLS: "The Work Of Humanoid Extraterrestrials" - Police Left Baffled By Mysterious Crop Circles Appearing In Wheat Fields Of Argentina?!

Strange happenings: These crop circles have appeared in Argentina

November 14, 2015 -  ARGENTINA
 - Police are baffled as to who - or what - is creating a series of mysterious crop circles in Argentina.

A number of strange patterns have been appearing in wheat fields in the northern province of Salta this year, with the latest incident recorded at a plantation in Chicoana.

Crop circle investigator Mercedes Casas said: "The pattern in this case is of nine circles that start big and get smaller as you move along.

"The first has a diameter of seven metres then they get gradually smaller until the last one, which is four metres and has some peculiar markings. The circles are connected by lines about one metre wide and a few centimetres tall."

Another instance of crop circles was recorded in Salta in February.

Mercedes believes they are the work of ‘humanoids’ - extra-terrestrial beings in the form of humans.

But others have dismissed the circles as a prank.

Crop circles
Alien life? Enthusiasts believe the circles are the work of 'humanoids'

Crop circles
Happened before: These crop circles in Salta in 2012

Taner Edis, professor of physics at Truman State University, said; "All fall within the range of the sort of thing done in hoaxes.

"Although obscure natural causes or alien origins of crop circles are suggested by fringe theorists, there is no scientific evidence for such explanations, and human causes are consistent for all crop circles."  - Mirror.

UFO SIGHTINGS: The Latest UFO Sightings Across The Globe - November 14, 2015!

UFO activity over Melbourne, Australia.

November 14, 2015 - EARTH - The following videos constitutes several of the latest sightings of unidentified flying objects across the globe.

WATCH: Massive UFO over Melbourne, Australia - November 13, 2015.

Eye-witness report:
Never seen anything like this before. Object seems static. Simply appears, lasts a few minutes, then vanishes. Massive in size. Using a 50 mm lens. Orions belt in frame for scale. Can't rule out the possibility of some kind of reflection? Recorded on my SD stick 23.25 to 25.10 minutes. 

WATCH: Spinning UFO over Portugal  - November 12, 2015.


WATCH: Bright UFO hovering above Arizona, United States  - October 30, 2015.

WATCH: White glowing UFO over Santa Tecla, El Salvador  - October 29, 2015.

Eye-witness report:
By the end of the noon, I was trying to take some photos of the sky by its colours when, suddenly, I saw the oject. So I took the photo right on the object When I noticed the object I guessed it would be a helicopter The object was comingo due to south from San Salvador vulcano, suddenly but slowly change its direction right to the east and I can't see anymore because here it's a residential area and other houses don't let see it anymore Well, I was happy to see a rare object Because it's a residential area, other houses don't let see a little more the traffic of the object.

DISCLOSURE: Re-Engineering Of Alien Or Ancient Advanced Technology - 95 Patents Awarded To Formerly Secret Inventions?!

November 14, 2015 -  UNITED STATES
 - Last year, 95 secrecy orders barring disclosure of inventions under the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951 were imposed on new patent applications while 36 prior secrecy orders were rescinded.

Three of the newly releasable inventions have recently received patents, decades after the inventors filed their applications.

The three new patents were identified by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.

The formerly secret inventions that received patents this year are:

Patent Number 9057604: Point-ahead laser pointer-tracker systems with wavefront correction in both transmit and receive directions. Filed in April 1989, the patent application was finally granted in June 2015.

Patent Number 9115993: Fused PM fiber single-polarization resonator. It was filed in August 1990 and granted in August 2015.

Patent Number 9181140: Solid propellant bonding agents and methods for their use. It was filed in December 1993 and granted in November 2015.

The factors that led the U.S. government to impose secrecy orders on these particular inventions more than two decades ago (and to release them this year) are not self-evident. But neither do they seem to indicate an obvious abuse of authority.

There were a total of 5,579 invention secrecy orders in effect at the end of fiscal year 2015, the highest number of such secrecy orders since FY 1993. - FAS.

UFO SIGHTINGS: NASA Mission Captures - The Latest Images Of Giant UFOs, Mysterious Structures And Aerial Anomalies In Space!

November 14, 2015 - SPACE
- In the  following videos, taken from NASA's multimedia archives, UFOs, mysterious structures and various aerial anomalies can be seen on or around the Sun, the Moon, Planet Mars, in Earth's orbit and around the International Space Station (ISS).

WATCH: More UFOs seen around the Sun.

See original image HERE.

WATCH: More anomalies on Mars.

See original image HERE.

SUPERNATURAL: Ghostly Glowing Green Figure Walks On Water In Marble Falls, Texas - July 29, 2014?!

November 14, 2015 -  TEXAS, UNITED STATES
 - A ghostly apparition is photographed and it seems to walk over water of a lake in Marble Falls in Texas.

Witness report: We were on private property taking pictures of this area surrounded by hills and when we looked back at the pictures later this day, we saw this glowing green object on the surface of the water.

I had taken other pictures in concession and none of the others showed this object.

I cannot explain what this glowing object is and hoping you could help identify.
Could it be something, or is it a reflection from the sun? I can see a shadow on the water around the object.

MUFON case 72432. The images were taken last year on July 29, 2014. - MUFON.

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