Wednesday, January 27, 2016

UFO SIGHTINGS: The Latest UFO Sightings Across The Globe - January 27, 2016!

Multiple UFOs over Bogota, Colombia. See video below.

January 27, 2016 - EARTH - The following videos constitutes several of the latest sightings of unidentified flying objects across the globe.

WATCH: Unknown lights in formation flying over Kissimmee, Florida, United States - January 24, 2016.


WATCH: Daytime UFO over San Antonio, Texas, United States - January 23, 2016.


WATCH: Strange UFO anomaly over Mexico's Colima volcano - January 22, 2016.

See webcam link HERE.

WATCH: Multiple Bright UFOs over Bogota, Colombia  - January 20, 2016.


UFO fleet over Reisterown, Maryland, United States - January 20, 2015.

Eye-witness report:

At my house shoveling out my truck with neighbors. Noticed a beautiful cloud formation. Started making photos 1 after another. Later when admiring features of strange looking clouds started to see orbs. Cone shaped pyramids that looked black. Then hundreds of them. With other objects in cloud. Please evaluate photos is there another explanation for these strange clouds and objects.

WATCH: Bright UFO sighting over Groningen, Netherlands - January 17, 2016.

Eye-witness report:
I was on my way to the car with my girlfriend, when we suddenly saw a bright moving light up in the sky. It wasn’t an airplane and it sure wasn’t a satellite. This object was changing speed constantly (from fast to slow to fast, etc.) and wasn’t moving in a straight line. Luckily we caught it on camera!


 WATCH: Diamond-shaped UFO sighting above Chiapas, Mexico - January 15, 2016.

WATCH: Another UFO over Mexico's Colima volcano - January 3, 2016.

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