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EXOPOLITICAL DISCLOSURE/COVER-UP: "We Haven't Made Direct Contact With Aliens Yet, But When We Do I'll Let You Know" - Six-Year-Old Questions President Obama On Extraterrestrials!

Photo: Ellen DeGeneres Show
February 22, 2016 -  UNITED STATES - The Wall Street Journal has done another straight up piece on UFOs and Presidents. During the 2008 presidential campaign, the paper covered the story of Dennis Kucinich and his close encounter UFO sighting at Shirley MacLaine’s house.

It was also Norman Miller, Washington Bureau Chief for the Wall Street Journal, who broke the story that Ronald Reagan claimed to have chased a UFO in his plane.

Obama has faced questions on ET, UFOs, and Roswell a lot before becoming President and while in office. He has been fairly positive about the questions and has never clearly denied anything. In a number of occasions, such as the answer he gave to Jaden Smith, the son of Will Smith, he has strongly indicated the whole story is true.

Obama has also done things behind the scene that indicate he is open to getting the unclassified story out. He has done this through the CIA which is his chief intelligence gathering agency. On the 65 anniversary of the 1947 Roswell crash a top former CIA official named Chase Brandon told CoasttoCoastAM’s huge radio audience of millions that he had seen evidence at CIA headquarters to confirm that the Roswell crash was real, and involved alien bodies.

Then as the new X-files was about to air after 15 years off the air. The CIA, who claimed they are not interested in UFOs and have not investigated the subject since 1952, suddenly put out two rather positive articles about how to investigate a flying saucer sighting and what UFO files at the CIA might interest X-files investigators.

These events had direct White House approval. The CIA, whose only job is to provide intelligence for the president, his cabinet, and the heads of intelligence for the House and Senate, would never have done the actions without permission from their boss the President.

This time the story was 6-year old Macey Hensley, a presidential whiz kid, who asked the ET question. It happened February 11Macey Hensley listens carefully as Obama walks around her alien question. on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. It is not known if Obama planned to have the UFO question asked, but it seems possible. The presidency is very tightly managed and it seems hard to believe handers would put the President on a national TV show without knowing what questions are going to be asked.

It started when Obama asked what questions she had for him. Macey quickly asked if there actually was a book of secrets as was shown in the movie National Treasure.

Obama immediately replied that the answer to the question was that that was a secret, which was an appropriate dodge for a six year old girl. The first time he was asked about the book of secrets by Michael Smerconish in 2009 Obama stated that he could tell him but then he would have to kill him. It would not be the answer to give to a young girl on national TV.

After not getting an answer to her book of secrets question Macy asked “Are aliens real?” Whether or not Obama knew the question was coming he stalled Macey before answering by asking her what she thought. Macey replied, “After watching this TV show, I think they are probably real.” She got a big laugh when she stated the show she thought she had watched was called “America’s Book of Secrets.”

Ellen DeGeneres, who was hosting the interview, then stated “It looks like the secrets have already been spilled,” to which Obama made a key observation, “I thought that was classified.” The subject is classified and Obama was able to turn it into a joke.

Having had time to think Obama then answered the question saying, "the truth is, Macey, we(stumbled hesitation) we (stumbled hesitation) haven't actually made direct contact with aliens yet, but when we do I will let you know."

As with any answer from a politician, especially one who might be under a secrecy oath on the subject, Obama’s reply requires some careful analysis. His stalling hesitation in the answer showed he was thinking carefully how to answer the question without lying but to stay away from the real answer which is that he can’t reveal anything which was part of his reply to the same question on the Jimmy Kimmel show. He did it by using the term “direct contact with aliens” rather than answering the actual question which was “do aliens exist?” The direct contact is a reference to the unclassified information given by the SETI people that they have not made direct contact yet.

In 2012, during a speech in Roswell, New Mexico, Obama said that the alien question was the most asked question from young people. It would be interesting to have a reporter ask the president how many times he has received the question from young children, and then ask him Macey’s question again, “Do aliens exist,” or more to the point “have you ever been briefed on the subject of UFOs. If so when was it and what were you told.” These questions are appropriate for Obama considering the fact that his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated in December 2015, “The aliens may already be here.”

WATCH: Macey's encounter with the President.


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