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UFO SIGHTINGS: NASA Mission Captures - The Latest Images Of Giant UFOs, Mysterious Structures And Aerial Anomalies In Space!

NASA’s Magellan Probe captures anomalies on Venus. See more below

April 25, 2016 - SPACE
- In the  following videos, taken from NASA's multimedia archives, UFOs, mysterious structures and various aerial anomalies can be seen on or around the Sun, the Moon, Planet Mars, in Earth's orbit and around the International Space Station (ISS).

WATCH: NASA’s Magellan Probe captures anomalies on Venus.

See original image HERE.

WATCH: Anomalies on Mars.

See original image HERE.

 See original image HERE.

WATCH: Anomalies near the Sun.

See original image HERE and HERE.

WATCH: Anomalies on the Moon.

See original image HERE.

ANOTHER EARTH: Space Reboot - Kepler Telescope Back To Scanning For Alien Worlds!

April 23, 2016 -  SPACE
 -  The Kepler space observatory is back on its ambitious mission in search of alien life in our galaxy, much to the relief of scientists and fans.

Why the restarted NASA spacecraft slipped into emergency mode earlier this month remains a bit of a mystery.

Kepler and K2 mission manager Charlie Sobeck wrote that the telescope has been rebooted and started hunting down Earth-like exoplanets in the center of Milky Way on Friday. 

“The pointing tables and science targets – instructions that tell the spacecraft where to look and at what – were reloaded and confirmed, onboard logs and counters were reset, and a new command sequence was created, tested and uploaded to account for the late start of the campaign,”
reads NASA statement.

While NASA engineers managed to revive the telescope, the exact cause of the glitch that disrupted the mission on April 8 is unknown.

Although, the root of the problem is still under investigation, NASA thinks the abnormality was probably triggered by “a barrage of false alarms” that overloaded the system.
Revival measures bore fruit after the telescope’s handlers rebooted some of its systems.

The space-loving Twitter community rejoiced at the highly awaited news of the spacecraft’s full recovery.

“Hurray!! Kepler Recovered and Returned to the K2 Mission,”
Tom Barclay, a Senior Research Scientist with NASA’s Kepler Mission, tweeted.

Jessica Davis offered her own explanation for the timing of the mission’s relaunch.

“Maybe the Kepler telescope is celebrating #EarthDay by continuing its mission to find another earth...”
she wrote.

Astro Bison is already making plans for the trove of data on exoplanets that Kepler is set to send to Earth.

“Hooray! More stars for me to set the postgrads to work on!” he tweeted.

Others just sighed with relief and wished Kepler good luck.
Kepler found some 5,000 exoplanets during its first mission in 2012.

Since 2014, the spacecraft has been on its current K2 mission, gathering evidence of alien worlds that could support life, along with other research.

NASA scientists expect to receive their first images from the restarted Kepler on May 24.

The current round of observations is scheduled to end on July 1, after which it will be impossible for Kepler to survey the center of the galaxy, as it will move out of the telescope’s view.

NASA / JPL Caltech

The Kepler telescope was launched in 2009, tasked with finding planets resembling Earth. It passes around the sun at a distance of some 75 million miles (120 million km). - RT.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

LIFE IN SPACE: Major Planet Colonisation Breakthrough - Chinese Scientists Send Embryo Into Space That "DEVELOP COMPLETELY", An Achievement That Will Help In Humanity's Mission To Colonise Other Planets!

Two-celled mouse embryos fully developed in space. GETTY

April 24, 2016 -  SPACE
 - A research team from China concluded that mammalian embryos are able to grow in space after it was feared that it would not be possible.

In early April, China launched a microgravity satellite named SJ-10 into the atmosphere which carried 6,000 mouse embryos inside a compartment about the size of a microwave oven.

Mouse embryos were sent into space. GETTY

The container was fitted with devices to feed the embryos nutrients in order to thrive and a microscopic camera to capture images of them developing.

Now the team claim to have received the images and some of the two-cell embryos have completely developed into blastocysts – which is the stage in its life where it implants into the wall of the uterus.

The embryos were on board a satellite. GETTY

This is the first time that mammalian embryos have developed in space and could lead to humans colonising other planets.

Experiment leader Professor Duan Enkui told China Daily: “The human race may still have a long way to go before we can colonise space.

WATCH: How will scientists modify embryos?

“But before that, we have to figure out whether it is possible for us to survive and reproduce in the outer space environment like we do on Earth.

“Now, we finally proved that the most crucial step in our reproduction – the early embryo development – is possible in outer space.”

The embryos will now return to Earth so that the team can analyse them more closely. - Express.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

UFO SIGHTINGS: The Latest UFO Sightings Across The Globe - April 24, 2016!

UFOs seen over Portugal. See more below.

April 23, 2016 - EARTH - The following videos constitutes several of the latest sightings of unidentified flying objects across the globe.

WATCH: UFO captured over Mudgee. Australia - April 21, 2016.

Eye-witness report:
The large object was above my house, under the cloud. You can see this object was changing the directions twice and speed up.The camera was using: CANON. X A.25.Full H D camera. The filter: HOYA 850. Infra red optical filter. Night Shot position ON! Daylight capture.


UFO shaped like the number eight seen over Edmonton, Canada - April 19, 2016.

Eye-witness report:

It came so close we all could make out the shape of it the ascended.

We, a group of us where sitting at the picnic table talking when one of our group noticed an object approaching from the south east, so I went to my apartment a got my digital camera, when I returned the group where telling me that when it was overhead they could make out the shape of it, which was in a figure eight and solid black in color, I asked where it was and they pointed it out to me just north east of us now. so I started talking picture of it at max zoom of 126x and then it stopped moving and started going up and down in one spot for about five minutes then changed directions and started climbing higher and headed east out of sight.

I have pictures but one of them is the clearest.

WATCH: Multiple UFOs hovering above San Diego, California, United States - April 18, 2016.

Eye-witness report:
1 object appeared, then 2, then 3 and 4. Then all the objects vanished at the same time. Then a few minutes later 10 or 11 objects all appeared back in same spot in a strange formation. This is when I started video recording.

After a few minutes they fade out 1 by 1 as my camera goes out of focus. The lights were like bright gold/white balls of fire. The Picture is before I began recording. You can see the difference in the formation.


WATCH: Anomalies over Yellowstone National Park, United States - April 18, 2016.


WATCH: UFO cloud over Hessdalen, Norway - April 16, 2016.

See live stream HERE.

WATCH: Terrified man witnesses SOMETHING strange above a rainbow in Arkansas, United States - April 14, 2016.

WATCH: Daytime UFO activity over Evora, Portugal - April 13, 2016.


WATCH: Bright UFO sighting over Cusco, Peru - April 13, 2016.


WATCH: Stunning UFO over Red Rock Canyon Cliffs, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States - April 12, 2016.

Eye-witness report:

This video was captured near my home in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 12, 2016. Specifically, it was in the foothills and cliffs of Red Rock Canyon on the Las Vegas side where the cliffs meet the Las Vegas Valley.

It was very quiet for my first hour outside last night. I wasn't seeing anything and then all hell broke loose. First one, then two, then more and more. They put on a spectacular show. I am glad I was patient because the show they put on kept on getting better and better. I try to be as careful as possible when posting videos because I want to make sure I am not showing ordinary or explainable things that I may have misidentified. When these things started going down the cliff side I knew they weren't ATVs and that my other videos of them aren't ATVs either even though at times they appear to be searching for something using some sort of searchlights. There are no trails on the rim of the cliffs and even if there were it's my belief that it would be too dangerous even in daylight let alone at night. When they would dim out I noticed they looked identical to the amazing objects I caught a few weeks ago coming off the mountain even closer to my home.

That video has been seen more than 80,000 times now and probably that many or more from people who downloaded it and put their own ads on it. I started by using my night vision camera. I had to climb on top of three upsides down ceramic plant pots because at first the objects were barely visible above a roof-line and I had to get the camera up as high as possible. It took a bit but when there were five or six or even more of them I thought I can also film them with my camcorder so I got down off the plant pots and got it rolling. I don't know what to call these because they are so strange. Sometimes I get the impression that they aren't 100% machine. At times, they almost seem to be capable of thought and seem to communicate with each other through light. Perhaps I should just call them light ships. Anyway, I know this is long but I think it's worth just over 33 minutes of your time. There was a few minute lapse where nothing was showing but I kept the night vision camera going because I didn't want to miss a thing with these amazing things.


WATCH: Two MASSIVE cigar-shaped objects spotted orbiting Earth - April 11, 2016.

WATCH: UFO orb over Kemerovo, Russia - April 6, 2016.


WATCH: Daytime UFO sighting over San Antonio, Texas, United States - April 4, 2016.


WATCH: UFO sighting recorded over Antalya, Turkey - April 3, 2016.


WATCH: Cigar-shaped UFO sighting over Popocatepetl Volcano, Mexico - April, 2016.


WATCH: UFO over Santiago de Coli, Colombia - March 26, 2016.


WATCH: UFO sighting above Graz, Austria - February 10, 2016.


WATCH: Laser anomalies seen from Australia.

WATCH: Two TR-3B over Iran - September 26, 2013.


Friday, April 22, 2016

MASS UFO SIGHTINGS: UFO Report Takes The Media By Storm - 1,267 UFO Sightings Reported In 2015!

April 22, 2016 -  CANADA - A Canadian organization called Ufology Research recently released their annual UFO report, showing an increase in sightings in 2015 over the last couple of years, and the media has taken notice. Not only the major news outlets in Canada, but also the big ones here in the U.S. and the U.K.

Chris Rutkowski, the head of Ufology Research, who has been inundated with interview requests, says he thinks it might be a case of news outlets looking for anything to cover other than the U.S. elections.

This year’s report, which can be downloaded freely at their website, claims there were 1,267 UFO sightings reported in Canada in 2015, which they say equates to about three or four per day. Although this is the highest number they have seen in the last couple years, it is only the second largest number of UFO sightings reported in a year since 1989, when they began collecting data.


2012 saw the largest number of reports, at 1,981. The report suggests the high number of sightings in 2012 was due to the “end of the word” scenarios that were popular that year due to mythologies related to the Mayan Calendar. Their graphs show that since 1985, besides 2012, sightings have been steadily increasing, mostly, with slight peaks and valleys here and there.

Canadian UFO reports since 1989. (Credit: Ufology Research)
Canadian UFO reports since 1989. (Credit: Ufology Research)

The group obtains its data from several different organizations that collect UFO sightings. They also scours YouTube for UFO sightings to include in their numbers.

Another interesting aspect of the report is data on the shapes, sizes, colors and other aspects of the UFO sightings, including whether they have been determined to be misidentifications or remain unknown after investigation.

In a recent interview with Open Minds UFO Radio, Rutkowski says 12% of the 2015 reports were unexplained. Although, after a closer look, his group whittled that down to 2% to 4%, which is consistent with their findings over the years. To date, they have collected over 17,000 UFO reports.


“Even when you are only looking at a few percent, when you are looking at a database of 17,000 cases, you are still looking at a significant number of cases that will leave you shaking your head,” says Rutkowki.

As for the types of sightings, most seem to be points of light, recorded as “Point Source” in the report. Surprisingly, most UFO reports are of orange objects, at 31%. White and red both came in tied at second at 14%.



Many UFO organizations have recorded an increase in orange colored lights in the sky and often suggest this is due to the growing popularity of Chinese Lanterns. Rutkowski agrees that Chinese Lanterns do account for some of these sightings.

“We have been able to track down quite a few of them to releases of Chinese Lanterns during particular festivals, ceremonies, weddings and so forth. The movie Tangled seem to make it very attractive for people to send up Chinese Lanterns,” explained Rutkowski. “We suspect that is a big part of it. Certainly not all of the cases are ascribable to those types of explanations, but we have to take those into account.”

Scene from Tangled with Chinese Lanterns. (Credit: Disney)
 Scene from Tangled with Chinese Lanterns. (Credit: Disney)

Besides numbers, which might be boring to some, the report also includes a list of the most fascinating cases. This section is called the “Most Interesting Canadian ‘Unknowns’ in 2015,” and includes cases that were found to be very reliable, very strange, and had enough information available to make a substantial evaluation.

All of the cases in this section are very interesting, but one of the most reliable seems to be a case seen by multiple aircraft. The report is from January 10, 2015 at 1 pm in Lumsden, Saskatchewan.

The summary reads: “Multiple aircraft reported a very large object with a small white light in the middle, surrounded by a halo, moving northbound in the vicinity of Lumsden, SK. One pilot reported the object appeared to descend from above FL410. The sighting lasted one to two minutes.”

Chris Rutkowski on CTV. Click the image to see the story. (Credit: CTV)

Many of the reports are also very strange, but one of the weirdest was from September 24, 2015. This sighting reportedly took place in Napanee, Ontario, at 8 pm.

The summary reads: “Bright starlike object in sky began emitting pink ‘tentacles’ then turned inside out. The object became a dark ‘rowboat’ with two lights like ‘cement barriers that lay on the ground in a parking space.’ Above was a large circular ball of blue light. The odd craft gave off a sound that seemed to create a ‘tingy (sic) feeling’ in the witness’ arms. It was the size of a large building and moved slow but steady overhead before moving out of view.”

In the Open Minds UFO Radio interview, Rutkowski talked about one of his favorites cases from 2015.

Rutkowski  recounted, “To me, one of the most interesting came from Northern Quebec. A truck driver was driving, last fall, and he said that as he was driving along an isolated part of the road that he saw a light come up on him, a blue light, and he thought it was someone trying to pass. So he pulled over, slightly, to the side of the road, and wouldn’t you know it, this light moved as if to pass, but then when it got level with his truck, the light just simply disappeared. Straight out of Close Encounters the movie.”

Spooky. Lord knows what is going on out there in the wilds of Canada.

For more information on the 2015 Canadian UFO Report, and to download graphs, data and charts, visit

LISTEN: Open Minds UFO Radio interview with Chris Rutkwoski.

- Open Minds.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

EXOPOLITICAL DISCLOSURE/DECEPTION: "I Do Want To Open Them Because I'm Interested" - U.S. Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Tells Radio Show That UFOs Are Still On The Agenda?!

The Power 105.1 Breakfast Club talk UFOs with Hillary Clinton. From left: DJ Envy, Charlamagne tha God, Hillary Clinton and Angela Yee.
(Credit: Power 105.1 Breakfast Club/YouTube)

April 21, 2016 -  UNITED STATES - As we all know, Hillary Clinton has been campaigning in New York, and on Monday, while in East Harlem, she sat down with the Power 105.1 Breakfast Club. One of the hosts, who believes he may have been abducted by aliens, asked if she was really going to tell the truth about UFOs. Hillary said, “I am.”

This is one of several times Clinton has confirmed her earlier statement that if she is president she will try to declassify files on UFOs. However, she does add the caveat that she will not be able to release any files that are closed due to national security.

She told the Breakfast Club, “I mean, if there’s some huge national security thing and I can’t get agreement to open them, I won’t. But I do want to open them because I’m interested.”

When asked if she believes in UFOs, Clinton replied, “I don’t know. I want to see what the information shows. But there are enough stories out there that I don’t think everybody is just sitting in their kitchen, making them up. I think that people see things. What they see, I don’t know. But we have got to try to give people information. I believe in that.”

The Power 105.1 Breakfast Club is hosted by Charlamagne tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Yee. Charlamagne is the host who asked about UFOs, and when he did, Yee was quick to point out that Charlamagne had his own sighting and may have been attacked. Charlamagne confirmed that he believes he may have been abducted several times.

There has been a lot of debate as to why Clinton keeps discussing UFOs when asked. Typically, politicians gloss over the topic or make a joke of it. However, she has repeatedly answered confidently that she intends to look into the matter. Her husband, former President Bill Clinton, says he looked into them and did not find anything.

The cynical view would be that Clinton has no interest in the topic, she is just pandering for the “UFO vote.” In the past, the strategy of answering UFO questions straight forward has been detrimental. When presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich was asked during a presidential debate in 2008 about a UFO sighting he claimed to have had with Shirley MacLaine, his answer was met with laughter. Some feel this moment seriously damaged his campaign.

If talking UFOs is damaging to a presidential campaign, then maybe she really does have an interest in UFOs. As we have written about before, there is some evidence that she had discussions about UFOs with the late Laurance Rockefeller, who was a family friend and advocate of serious UFO research.

However, Lee Speigel of the Huffington Post argues in an article about these recent statements that the “UFO vote” could number in the millions. He references a 2012 National Geographic survey which showed that 36% of Americans believe extraterrestrials have visited Earth, and 80% believe the U.S. government is keeping information on UFOs hidden from the public.

As Speigel points out, “That’s a lot of potential, UFO-friendly, registered voters.”

WATCH: Hillary tells morning radio show UFOs still on agenda.


- Open Minds.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

ANCIENT ADVANCED CIVILIZATIONS: Most Mysterious Massive Stone Ball Discovered In The Podunavlje Forest In Bosnia - Could Be The Largest One In The World; Archaeologist Believes The Sphere Proves The Existence Of A Lost "HIGH TECHNOLOGY" Civilization?!

April 20, 2016 -  BOSNIA - It may sound like a strange movie sequel, but a Bosnian archaeologist with a penchant for dressing like Indiana Jones has discovered a giant stone sphere he believes proves the existence of a lost civilization.

Archaeologist Dr. Sam Osmanagich discovered the stone in the Podunavlje Forest in mid-March and believes it may be the largest stone ball in the world.

So far, less than half of the ball has been uncovered, but Osmanagich estimates its radius to measure between 1.2 and 1.5 meters (3.9 - 4.9ft).

With a very high iron content, preliminary tests suggest the huge ball could weigh more than 30 tons (60,000lb), which would make it the biggest stone sphere in Europe.

If it turns out to be even heavier, it could surpass similar discoveries in Costa Rica (which are believed to be man made) and in Mexico (deemed natural formations) to be declared the biggest stone ball in the world.

WATCH: Strange massive stone ball found in Bosnia.

Osmanagich says when the research is complete, the discovery could prove that Southern Europe was home to advanced civilizations from the “distant past” who had their own form of “high technology”.

Osmanagich has previously claimed that a series of hills in central Bosnia and Herzegovina actually contain ancient pyramids and tunnels underground.

He says that the huge sphere could back up this theory by providing further evidence of an ancient highly developed civilization.

However, Osmanagich’s claims about the stone are disputed by fellow archeologists who have a different - and more natural - explanation for the large stone.

Mandy Edwards of the University of Manchester's School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences told the MailOnline the rock is likely a result of ‘concretion’, formed by the "precipitation of natural mineral cement within the spaces between sediment grains".

"There is some genuine archaeology on the hill and I'm told it's medieval, possibly Bronze Age or Roman”, said Anthony Harding, president of the European Association of Archaeologists, to The Telegraph.

“But the speculation that there could be a 12,000-year-old structure beneath is a complete fantasy and anyone with basic knowledge of archaeology or history should recognise that,” he added. - RT.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

UFO SIGHTINGS: What Is It - Strange UFO Lights Spotted Over Liverpool, England?!

UFO lights over Liverpool. Is it alien activity? Watch the video below and decide for yourself

April 19, 2016 -  LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Confused Twitter users have taken to social media after strange lights were spotted in the sky across the city - with some even suggesting it might be alien activity.

Reportings of strange flashing lights seen from areas including Bootle , Anfield and Kirkby have left Liverpool residents confused - with some suggesting it could even be extra terrestrials.

A number of ECHO readers messaged us on Facebook , tweeted and even called the office to ask for an explanation of the strange goings on - but left us scratching our heads at the question.

The lights have also been captured on film, which shows strange flashing lights in the clouds.

Stephen Carrison said: "Why lights in sky above Bootle and Walton , zigzagging about.. what is it?"

Nikita Odonoghue suggested it may be extra terrestrial activity, adding: "What are these ahaha spaceships invading." alongside a picture and an alien face emoji.

@SaintMikethe1st also thought it may be paranormal activity: "Anything on in town? Three mad lights on the clouds, might be UFOs. [sic]"

However @UKEFC has a slightly more sensible explanation, tweeting: "3 weird lights in the sky in the vicinity of the racecourse. Cross crossing spotlights on the clouds - where from?"

WATCH: UFO lights over Liverpool.


- Liverpool Echo.

UFO SIGHTINGS: Billionaire Expands Search For Alien Life – Open Minds UFO Report!

Yuri Milner introducing the New Space Exploration Initiative 'Breakthrough Starshot' at One World Observatory on April 12, 2016 in New York City.

April 19, 2016 -  UNITED STATES - Welcome to the Open Minds UFO Report! We bring you the latest UFO news on a weekly basis, with interviews from news makers and UFO researchers. You won’t want to miss an episode!

Stories in this week’s show:
WATCH: Billionaire expands search for Alien life.


- Open Minds.

Monday, April 18, 2016

UFO SIGHTINGS: NASA Feed "Goes Down As Horseshoe UFO Appears On ISS Live Cam" - Sparking Claims Of Alien Cover Up?!

Some claim feed was cut after object got too close to the space station. secureteam10/YouTube

April 18, 2016 -  SPACE - NASA has been accused of an alien cover up after a live ISS feed appearing to show a horseshoe UFO suddenly went down.

Conspiracy theorists are having a field day over the sighting of the strange U-shaped object hovering on the horizon of the the International Space Station.

They claim NASA 'cut the live feed' after the glowing blue object flew too close to the space station.

Some have even gone as far to say NASA's funding should be cut over their "great alien deception".

Alien hunter Tyler Glockner uploaded the video to his YouTube channel secureteam10.

Narrating the video, Tyler said: "When you play this footage quickly, it looks like the UFO changes its position.

"When we first see it it's more on its side, but when you cycle through the footage it seems to be maneuvering more on its face.

"It's definitely another interesting find and once again directly after it appears NASA cuts the feed.

"That's why you see the screen go blue. they've done this, they have been doing this, they have their hand on the chicken switch as they call it.

I know they monitor these feeds but sometimes they're not quick enough and UFOs appear.

"We have documented that on this channel for years now.

Conspiracy theorists say are calling for NASA's funding to be cut over 'alien cover up'. secureteam10/YouTube

"The only time when the feed tends to get cut is oddly when these UFOs appear."

Tyler says the ISS live feed went down in 2014 after a massive yellow disk was spotted hovering over the space station.

And the latest sighting comes after Jadon Beeson, 20, spotted a cigar-shaped object with a blueish hue hovering close to the ISS.

"It was a metallic object, it looks like a Millennium Falcon from Star Wars or something from Close Encounters of the Third Kind," he told the Mail Online .

"I thought it was all very strange."

Jadon sent to images to NASA to see what they made of the sighting.

In response a spokesperson said: "Reflections from station windows, the spacecraft structure itself or lights from Earth commonly appear as artefacts in photos and videos from the orbiting laboratory."

WATCH: Horseshoe UFO on ISS live cam.

- Mirror.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

INTERSTELLAR: Breakthrough Starshot - Stephen Hawking And Mark Zuckerberg Team Up Russian Billionaire On $100 Million Dollar Quest To Find Extraterrestrials!

 An image from a video rendering of the “nanocraft” that would be sent on a planned interstellar voyage as part of Breakthrough Starshot. Credit Reuters

April 17, 2016 -  SPACE - Stephen Hawking and Russian billionaire Yuri Milner are teaming up in a $100 million hunt for alien life that will rely on a fleet of postage stamp-sized spacecraft to explore the universe.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will also join Milner and Hawking on the board of Breakthrough Starshot, a philanthropic initiative to focus on space exploration and the search for life in the universe.

Astronomers believe an Earth-like planet could exist within the "habitable zones" of Alpha Centauri, the closest star system to Earth, located 25 trillion miles (or 4.37 light-years) away.

Breakthrough Starshot hopes to launch thousands of the tiny, light-propelled spacecraft -- called nanocrafts -- with the goal of reaching the star system in twenty years.

Each nanocraft is designed to fly at twenty percent the speed of light, on a sail pushed by a light beam, making it over a thousand times faster than today’s fastest spacecraft. With conventional spacecraft technology, it would take 30,000 years to reach Alpha Centauri.

What would the world come up with when billionaire entrepreneur Yuri Milner and renowned physicist Stephen Hawking have partnered to bring that lofty goal into
a genuine reality with Breakthrough Starshot, an ambitious mission to the nearest star system, Alpha Centauri, 4.37 light years away. Reuters

The renowned physicist spoke of transcending humanity’s limitations through advanced technology, using robot spacecraft to reach the nearest star system.
By BREAKTHROUGH INITIATIVES on Publish Date April 12, 2016. Karsten Moran for The New York

 Alpha Centauri, the closest star system to Earth’s solar system. An effort led by the billionaire Yuri Milner aims to send a fleet of small probes there.

"Earth is a wonderful place, but it might not last forever," Hawking said in a statement. “Sooner or later, we must look to the stars. Breakthrough Starshot is a very exciting first step on that journey.”

Each nanocraft would carry cameras, photon thrusters, power supplies, navigation and communication equipment, and the newly engineered "lightsail," which would propel each probe. If a single nanocraft makes it to Alpha Centauri after a 20-year journey, it would take an additional four years to transmit that information back to Earth.

Pete Worden, former director of NASA AMES Research Center, will lead the program, along with a committee of world-class scientists and engineers, team officials said.

The program faces significant research and engineering challenges, and is expected to take a few years to complete. However, the proposed design has been created around technology that is either already available or likely to be attainable in the near future, according to the Breakthrough Starshot team.  

WATCH: Breakthrough Starshot - Nanocraft to Alpha Centauri .


- ABC News.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

UFO SIGHTINGS: NASA Mission Captures - The Latest Images Of Giant UFOs, Mysterious Structures And Aerial Anomalies In Space!

UFO anomalies near the Sun. See more below.

April 16, 2016 - SPACE
- In the  following videos, taken from NASA's multimedia archives, UFOs, mysterious structures and various aerial anomalies can be seen on or around the Sun, the Moon, Planet Mars, in Earth's orbit and around the International Space Station (ISS).

WATCH: Anomalies near the Sun.

See original image HERE and HERE.

See original image HERE.

See original image HERE.



WATCH: Anomalies on the Moon.

See original image HERE.

WATCH: Anomalies on Mars.


Google Mars Coordinates: 10°12'53.08"N 157° 9'51.54"E

WATCH: Strange anomalies above the Earth near the ISS.

Friday, April 15, 2016

UFO SIGHTINGS: The Latest MUFON Cases Across Globe - Arkansas Witness Drives Away From Hovering Triangle UFO; Australian Witness Videotapes Triangle UFO; Phoenix Airport Employee Reports UFO Near Tower; New Mexico Witness Finds UFO In Photo; Netherlands UFO Witness Recounts Military Encounter; Rectangle UFO Flies By Seattle's Space Needle; Police Officer Reports UFO Caught On Surveillance Video; UFO Over Las Vegas Described As Moving Into A Mist; And Kansas Disc UFO Beams Light Into Witness Vehicle! [PHOTOS + VIDEOS]

Witness illustration of UFO over Arkansas. (Credit: MUFON)

April 15, 2016 - EARTH -  The following constitutes several of the latest reports of UFO sightings, courtesy of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

Arkansas witness drives away from hovering triangle UFO

An Arkansas witness at Malvern did not stop during a close encounter with a silent, hovering triangle UFO more than 150 feet wide, according to testimony in Case 75545 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was driving along a dirt road heading toward a friend’s home about “one hour before sundown” on December 15, 2015, when the incident occurred.

“It was hovering low above the trees just past my destination,” the witness stated. “Ilaid eyes on it for 30 seconds, but kept driving out of fear.”

The object had unusual lighting.

“The two bright blue headlights were pointed straight at me like two square eyes. I knew it could see me.”

Downtown, Malvern, Arkansas. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Downtown, Malvern, Arkansas. Malvern is about 20 miles southeast of Hot Springs, Arkansas.
(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

But the witness soon lost sight of the object.

“As I got closer, the treeline blocked my view or their view thankfully. An hour or so later after dark, I saw the afterburners of a military fighter jet heading south with no lights on the bottom or anywhere else.

I calculated the object to be about 150-200 feet wide. I don’t know how long it sat there.” Arkansas MUFON is investigating this case which was reported on March 31, 2016. Malvern is a city in and the county seat of Hot Spring County, Arkansas, population 10,318.

Australian witness videotapes triangle UFO

An Australian witness near Melbourne reported watching and videotaping a triangle-shaped UFO with circular, colored lights, according to testimony in Case 58119 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness stepped outside for a cigarette at 8:20 p.m. on July 15, 2014, when a craft of unknown origin was seen.

WATCH: UFO over Melbourne.


“It was emitting lots of different colors and was hovering in one spot,” the witness stated.“The thing that made me notice it is that I’ve never seen such displays of color and hovering/movements of this object in other airborne craft such as planes and helicopters.”

Cropped and enlarged still frame #1 from the witness video. (Credit: MUFON)
Cropped and enlarged still frame #1 from the witness video. (Credit: MUFON)

The witness watched the object for more than an hour.

“I observed it for a long time. It would hover in one spot blinking different color light patterns, and then it would move straight down, sometimes sideways in a rapid motion, or slowly at other times.”

The witness decided to try and photograph the object.

Cropped and enlarged still frame #1, enhanced version, from the witness video. (Credit: MUFON)
Cropped and enlarged still frame #1, enhanced version, from the witness video. (Credit: MUFON)

“I kept trying to take photos of it on my iPhone which wasn’t giving me very good results. I went inside the house to get my partner to come outside to show her this object. She got her Nikon camera with a zoom lens, and did her best to get the camera to focus on this object, which was proving difficult. She managed to take a few photos that came out really well which showed a triangular-shaped object with lights along the edge. It was not possible to judge the shape of the craft with the naked eye. I also tried to take video footage on my iPhone. It was difficult to hold the phone perfectly still, and I ended up resting my arm on a table in order to hold the phone as still as possible. I also tried to include the clothes line as a reference point and to be able to judge the objects movements.”

Cropped and enlarged still frame #2 from the witness video. (Credit: MUFON)
Cropped and enlarged still frame #2 from the witness video. (Credit: MUFON)

The object then began to move away.

“After observing it for some 80 minutes, the object slowly moved lower and lower and away from my vantage point until I could no longer see it over the trees. It was difficult for me to tell whether it landed somewhere or just disappeared over the horizon. During the sighting I was puzzled and kept trying to imagine what it could possibly be, as I had never seen anything resembling what I observed.”

Justin Busuttil investigated for MUFON International and closed this case as an Unknown.

“The witness has provided numerous photographs and video footage of a triangle-shaped object illuminated by colored, circular lights which changed color over Glen Huntly, Victoria,” Busuttil stated in his report.“The witness was in his backyard at the time of the event so he could smoke a cigarette. The object was also witnessed by the witness’s partner who took a number of the photographs provided.”

Cropped and enlarged still frame #2, enhanced version, from the witness video. (Credit: MUFON)
Cropped and enlarged still frame #2, enhanced version, from the witness video. (Credit: MUFON)

The MUFON report included photo analysis.

“Analysis of the photographs provided shows the object as being triangular in shape and illuminated by a number of circular lights that change colors (red/green/blue). The object does not resemble any known commercial aircraft or any conventional military aircraft. Investigation has identified another report made to the Victorian UFO Action (VufoN) where a sighting was reported by an independent witness whose description and photographs provided which support the account. The object appears to be solid, it appears to be moving and not stationary, and has not been able to be identified. There is no evidence or indication the witness has falsified his account of the event or the photographs provided.”

Editor’s note: The still images are closeups of the object being recorded by hand, so they most likely do not accurately reflect the shape of the object. The witness admits it was hard to hold the phone still. Shaking can be seen in the video. That would mean that the images, which are stills from the video, are distorted from motion blur. This sort of blur could make a single light, or a couple of lights, look like a group of lights. You can see this effect yourself by trying to make a video with your phone of a point of light while holding your phone with your hand. Then zoom in on a still of the object in your video.

Phoenix airport employee reports UFO near tower

An Arizona witness at an airport in the Tempe-Phoenix area reported watching a chevron-shaped UFO under 500 feet, according to testimony in Case 75640 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was outside at the airport “disposing of trash” about 9 p.m. on March 1, 2016, when the incident occurred.

The tower at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
The tower at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.
(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

“The lights were what I noticed at first,” the witness stated.“They were white and formed a chevron shape that allowed me to notice the shape of the object. It was very large as it passed beside me. I was near the tower, so I knew it was high, but not too high as for me not to get an idea how large this object was.”

There were other possible witnesses to the UFO.

“The planes at Terminal 4 were lined up and nothing was moving. I was in total disbelief that it was happening. It made no noise at all.”

Aerial view of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Aerial view of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

The witness described the object’s movement.

“As I observed the object,it travelednortheast over to the Sky Train Station. I lost view of the lights then. It was darker than the sky with the exception of the lights emanating from the bottom where it was black.”

The witness did not feel afraid.

“I didn’t feel anything but shock as I pondered what had just taken place. The lights where I was dumping the trash had a nonfunctional light. It was not changed until a few days later. So I knew a glare would not have affected what I had seen. The tug I had used to drive there was off so no other light source was close enough to hamper my vision. This event lasted just about five minutes or so. I felt calm and no sense of danger or apprehension afterwards. Just a sense of wonder and amazement that something so huge could travel in the air and not make any noise.”

Arizona MUFON Field Investigator Valerie Edwards is investigating. The witness provided one illustration with the report, which was filed on April 6, 2016.

Witness sketch. (Credit: MUFON)
Witness sketch. (Credit: MUFON)

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport services both Tempe and Phoenix.

New Mexico witness finds UFO in photo

A New Mexico witness in Santa Fe County recalls a UFO event from 1995 when a disc-shaped UFO was caught on camera, according to testimony in Case 75628 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was taking photos of a double rainbow just after a thunderstorm on August 15, 1995.

Witness photo. (Credit: MUFON)
Witness photo. (Credit: MUFON)

“I took several photos, about six,” the witness stated. “I was directly across the street from the National Cemetery. I did not notice the object when photographed.”

The witness then took the film to be developed at the Fox one-hour kiosk in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

“When I went through the photos is when I saw this object in just one photograph. I took the photo to the Sun Spot Observatory in New Mexico. They told me that I was about 500 feet from the object. They told me that the object was going at least 500 mph. They told me that shadows were consistent with all other objects in the photograph. They told me that the camera I was using, a Kodak Instamatic, that this photograph could not have been faked.”

The witness stated that he also received a warning.

“They told me not to show it to people, because I could get into trouble.”

But that warning did not stop the witness from attempting to get more opinions.

Cropped and enlarged version of the witness photo. (Credit: MUFON)
Cropped and enlarged version of the witness photo. (Credit: MUFON)

“I went to Kirtland Air Force Base where a friend of mine was a helicopter mechanic. I showed the picture to some pilots. They became very angry with me and told me to get the hell off the base, and that if I ever came back there again, they would report me to base security. One pilot told me that I was a trouble maker, and that he was going to inform base security of my address and have me put in jail. I did not go to jail, and no one ever contacted me about the photograph.”

About two weeks later, the witness stated that he gave the photograph, the original, to a man named Dr. Greer.

Cropped and enlarged version of the witness photo. (Credit: MUFON)
Cropped, enhanced and enlarged version of the witness photo. (Credit: MUFON)

“He told me that he had friends in the area that would examine the photo and that he would contact me in about two weeks to tell me about what it was. I never heard back from Dr. Greer. In the past years I have attempted to contact Dr. Greer, but he has never returned my phone calls. I also sent a copy to a man, Stanton Freidman. He told me that the photo was interesting.”

New Mexico State Section Director David Hillendahl is investigating. 

Netherlands UFO witness recounts military encounter

A Netherlands witness at Soesterberg recalled a UFO encounter in the military from 1991 that left him traumatized, according to testimony in Case 74907 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was outside walking during a night shift watch at a military base near Soesterberg, Netherlands, about 3 a.m. on February 17, 1991, when the incident occurred.

Witness illustration of the object seen on February 17, 1991. (Credit: MUFON)
Witness illustration of the object seen on February 17, 1991. (Credit: MUFON)

“Along with another cadet I came at the central parking lot at 3 a.m. and saw a big circle in the sky straight on top off us,” the witness stated.“It had no shape, but only bright lights slowly rotating anti-clockwise and the light points itself didn’t rotate. The colors were in a liquid manner.”

The object was large and the witness wondered exactly what it was.

“I estimate the object about 30 to 50 meters in diameter. The first thing we both thought was a blimp, a zeppelin, the one like Goodyear has with the light screens on the sides. But the fact that it was very low and absolutely stationary and silent made it very, very odd.”

F-4E Phantom II of 32nd TFS taking off, around 1975, at Soesterberg Air Base. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
F-4E Phantom II of 32nd TFS taking off, around 1975, at Soesterberg Air Base. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Soon the object began to rotate.

“After some minutes the lights started to rotate faster and suddenly it took off at really incredible speed to the west. A couple of seconds later we felt a short, hard wind blowing which stayed on top of us like a downwash from a helicopter.”

The witness had a clear view of the object.

“If there was a way to describe the speed this thing was going, but I can’t. We had a clear view for over 30 km – that’s 20 miles-plus. This thing covered that distance from stationary in something like 0.10 seconds. I know aviation and have flying experience and I am very technical. This kind of extreme acceleration turns humans into liquid.”

The witness waited 25 years to come forward with the story.

“For many year this has been an unspoken chapter in my life. I didn’t want to speak about the incident because instantly after the encounter, me and the other cadet, became unexplainable very, very ill, and for days suffered a high fever and extreme vomiting. The illness was so bad that it left me traumatized and not able to speak about it for years.”

Soesterberg, Netherlands, today. (Credit: Google)
Soesterberg, Netherlands, today. (Credit: Google)

Soesterberg is a town in the Dutch province of Utrecht, part of the municipality of Soest, population 5,798. Soesterberg Air Base was a Royal Netherlands Air Force military airbase located in Soesterberg, first established as an airfield in 1911.For almost 40 years, United States Air Force facilities at Soesterberg, named Camp New Amsterdam was a major front line USAFE airbase during the Cold War.

The base was closed on December 31, 2008, due to budget cuts in the Dutch Army.

Robert Kouba is investigating for MUFON International.

Rectangle UFO flies by Seattle’s Space Needle

A Washington witness at Seattle reported watching a square or rectangular-shaped UFO move silently over the Space Needle, according to testimony in Case 75528 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was outside on an eighth-floor terrace of the Hyatt House Downtown Seattle hotel close to the famous Space Needle structure with four friends at 8 p.m. on March 30, 2016, with mostly clear skies with a bluish, and fading to dark sky.

The witness first thought the object was a fast moving jet on March 30, 2016. Pictured: Seattle, WA. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
The witness first thought the object was a fast moving jet on March 30, 2016. Pictured: Seattle, WA.
(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

“As I looked toward the Space Needle, I saw what first seemed like a fast jet coming from the east, heading due west toward Puget Sound, slightly to the north of us,” the witness stated.“Not a sound throughout sighting.”

The witness described the object.

“Had two white, blinking lights pulsating in unison at approximately 1 Hz, as if each wing, left and right, had a big, white light covering most of the wing surface, but could not discern forward fuselage or tail, hence looked like it was a flying straight wing.”

The object made unusual starts and stops in the sky. Pictured: Seattle, WA. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
The object made unusual starts and stops in the sky. Pictured: Seattle, WA. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

The witness first thought the object could be an airplane despite the unusual white lights pattern.

“I am familiar with airplanes; am engineer working in aerospace. Could be soundless if it might be much higher than it seemed; for instance, despite white lights flashing, thought they could still be landing lights.”

The witness paid attention to how the object moved.

“The object flew in a straight line while displaying white, pulsating lights, very fast, but at perceived constant linear speed, as it subtended an angle of approximately 45-degrees from my viewpoint and initial spotting. Covered this angle in not more than 10 seconds. Given estimated altitude of twice the height of the Space Needle or more, that would still be very fast for a soundless flight; much too fast for a small drone, or for a helicopter if higher in altitude; yet could not be high enough to be soundless, which would have meant extremely fast.”

The witness had also wondered if the object might be a helicopter.

“Mentioned helicopter because object came to a complete stop in less than one second, almost right after passing the Space Needle which occluded it for 3-4 seconds. Remained stationary for about five seconds, then made in about two seconds a lateral translation equivalent to about 1.5 times angle subtended by top circular portion of Space Needle, at 90 degrees from original flightpath, i.e. toward south; and stopped again.”

The object accelerated and de-accelerated in ways no common aircraft could maneuver. Pictured: The top portion of Seattle’s Space Needle. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
The object accelerated and de-accelerated in ways no common aircraft could maneuver.
Pictured: The top portion of Seattle’s Space Needle. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

The witness watched as the object both accelerated and de-accelerated very fast.

“Then started displaying characteristic red/green position lights pattern and proceeded east in somewhat arced trajectory until lostfrom sight within 10-15 seconds.”

None of the guests saw the object.

“Happened too fast to get colleagues to also witness sighting. When I brought it to their attention,the colleague nearest to me didn’t succeed in spotting it despite my pointing toward it, as it quickly became difficult evenfor me to track. Complete loss of sight by the time it had covered another approximately 30-degrees in direction of Puget Sound.”

Washington Field Investigator Timothy Ward closed this case as an Unknown.

Police officer reports UFO caught on surveillance video

A Colorado police officer at Wheat Ridge reported watching multiple unknown lights near ground level during a routine property check where video surveillance backed up the report, according to testimony in Case 57173 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

WATCH: UFO over Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

The police officer pulled into Anderson Park at 1 a.m. on June 19, 2014, during a routine patrol, in Wheat Ridge.

The UFO is illustrated in this daytime photo of the area where the office saw the object. (Credit: MUFON)
The UFO is illustrated in this daytime photo of the area where the office saw the object. (Credit: MUFON)

“As I began driving towards the back I see five or six lights; two red, two blue, and two green, or it was two red, three blue, and one green,” the witness stated.“The lights were near a tree line on the other side of a softball field and about 150 yards away.”

The witness reported that the lights were clustered around each other at various heights in a kind of oval shape.

“I would estimate the lights were clustered around something the size of a car and were about three feet away from each other. The lights looked like LED quality light and were as bright as car headlights, not moving, and each light was about the size of a softball.”

Google Map view of the area showing key locations. (Credit: Google Maps)
Google Map view of the area showing key locations. (Credit: Google Maps)

The officer watched the lights as he pulled into the park.

“As I drove into the park the lights did not change in intensity or move like a directional light would as you move a flashlight around. As I drove I observed the lights from about the 5 o’clock to the 4 o’clock position covering about 50 yards and there was no change in intensity of the light or any idea as a direction they were pointing; thus giving me the impression they were some kind of dome light or spherical in nature.”

The officer stated that he did not see any beams of light that lit up the grass or trees around it like a car headlight would do.

“I looked at this for about five seconds and then all of a sudden the lights go out simultaneously. To clarify, there is no way the light was emitted from separate sources. The lights went out at exactly the same time and had to have been controlled from a single source.”

Google Map view showing the camera’s line of sight. (Credit: Google Maps)
Google Map view showing the camera’s line of sight. (Credit: Google Maps)

The officer then called the sighting in on the police radio saying that hewas going to check the park as he had just seen some strange lights.

“The radio works just fine. I go check the area and observe that the trees and grass are frosted over with freezing dew and I could see my breath. The low that night was 52 so it was probably about 55 degrees, possibly lower due to the proximity of nearby Clear Creek. I did not observe this frost anywhere else in the city that night and I was near another water source in a different part of town about two miles away and one hour earlier and did not observe the frosting of the vegetation.”

The officer turned on his spotlight and could see what appeared to be snow falling in the beam of his light.

“I remember thinking, ‘Is it snowing? No it’s too warm. Is this ash from a forest fire? No there’s no fire and I don’t smell smoke.’ I then walked onto the freshly frosted grass and see no signs of disturbance on the grass. There is a bike path near there so I go to the bike path and turn off my flashlight and stand still for about 20 seconds to see if I can hear anything (like kids laughing). As I am standing in the half-moon light my hand goes to my gun and I think to myself slowly, ‘I’m gonna go back to my car.’”

Closeup of objects in video. (Credit: MUFON)
Closeup of objects in video. (Credit: MUFON)

The officer felt odd.

“It wasn’t a physical feeling that made me uneasy, but not knowing what I was dealing with made me feel vulnerable. I went back to my patrol car and throughout the night parked nearby to see if the lights came back and they never did. I went back to the area just as the sun was coming up and did not observe any signs on the ground and the vegetation was no longer frosted.”

The officer attempted to understand what he had witnessed.

“The only rational explanation I can think of is that there were these lights on an ATV on the bike path, but they were arranged asymmetrically and did not appear to be directional. But I would imagine I would have seen the lights move as the ATV drove down the bike path or heard the vehicle driving away. Furthermore, the path goes into the trees and driving an ATV as fast as it would have to have gone for me to not hear it would be insane without lights. There was a traffic signal about 50 yards behind me, but the colors I saw were different hues than traffic signal colors and I have driven that area at that time a hundred times and never seen this. There was no water on my windshield and it was too clear to be a reflection.”

Colorado MUFON Field Investigator Henry Lindsey and MUFON Director of Training Ken St. John investigated and closed this case as an Unknown.

Wheat Ridge is located in Jefferson County, Colorado, population 30,166.

UFO over Las Vegas described as moving into a mist

WATCH: UFO over Las Vegas, Nevada.

A Nevada witness at Las Vegas reported watching and videotaping a round UFO with light beaming from the object to the ground level, according to testimony in Case 59760 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

Still shot taken from the witness video. (Credit: MUFON)
Still shot taken from the witness video. (Credit: MUFON)

The witness woke up about 5:30 a.m. on September 12, 2014, and first saw the object.

“As I was walking back to my bedroom I noticed a round ball in the sky that looked similar to the moon, but it had rays of light beaming down from the object,” the witness stated.“One of the rays blinked and that is what caught my attention.”

The witness first thought that the object was a plane, but then noticed something unusual.

“I ran to get my phone to record and by the time I got back to the object, the light was slowly ascending into the object while both light and object simultaneously disappeared.”

Nevada State Director Donna Carbone investigated this case and closed it as an Unknown.

“The object hovered, glowed, cast light, appeared transparent, and was the shape of a circle,” Carbone stated in her report.“Surface was glowing and had a mist/shroud. Apparent size was unknown and actual size was 31-100 feet. Prominent colors were white, exterior lights flashed randomly and other. Emission was a beam and cloud, and sound is unknown. Elevation is unknown as is lowest altitude. Flight path was stationary and direction first observed was in the west as was direction last observed. No landing observed.”

Carbone interviewed the witness for more details.

“The object was above the mountains and it was not going upwards and disappearing, but going back towards mountains and fading. It did not look man-made, but seemed alive and aware and gentle, like a being, as it hovered. Witness was adamant that the object was not a rocket, space junk, or satellite.”

Cropped, enlarged and enhanced version of a still shot from the witness video. (Credit: MUFON)
Cropped, enlarged and enhanced version of a still shot from the witness video. (Credit: MUFON)

Carbone came to her own conclusions.

“This is a very interesting case due to the fact it has been on TV, in the newspapers, and on the radio, and not two sources have agreed on what it is.  First report I received was a three stage rocket that launched from Guiana in South America. Then I received a report that it was a Navy Trident missile launch from a submarine. And, finally NBC News reported that our government said it was a Russian Satellite breaking up and re-entering our atmosphere, even though Russia denied it. There were also statements that it was “space junk.”  So where and who do we believe.  All reports came from credible individuals. Then I have my witnesses’ statements from all three reports (59760, 59777, 59758).  Two witnesses at Lake Tahoe, one a pilot, state this was not a satellite as it banked and turned. Another witness, a 61-year-old male, who gets up every morning to watch the ISS go overhead, stated that the object hovered, and that it went into a mist. Then I have a 21-year-old female witness, whose hobby is photography. She is adamant that what she filmed is not a satellite, rocket or space debris. She stated she watched this object as it went “backwards” into a mist, and that it almost seemed to be alive.”

While the case appears to be concluded, Carbone is leaving the door open to future interpretation.

“So moving forward who do we believe?  For me there are way too many conflicting reports, which finds me in a quandary on what to believe.  I have decided to close out all three cases and mark them as Unidentified Aerial Vehicle, until we can receive absolute proof on what this object was.  As my witnesses have described it to me, it could even be a mother ship leaving our universe – which has been reported numerous times by other individuals.”

Editor’s note: originally reported on this story in September, 2014, and most experts agree it is a rocket launch of some sort. However, as the MUFON investigator indicated, it is still uncertain whose rocket it was.
Space journalist and historian James Oberg posted this comment on our original story: “Looks like a pretty standard rocket launch, so when you get basics such as azimuth/elevation, angular size and duration, etc., please share. The usual suspects seem to have alibis this time, let’s see what other players were active in this area at this time. As always, it’s important to thank the witnesses for documenting their perceptions.”

Read our 2014 story here: UFO over northern California leaves witnesses, experts perplexed

Kansas disc UFO beams light into witness vehicle

A Kansas witness at Clearwater recalled a UFO incident from the 60s when she and two family members had an encounter with a disc-shaped UFO that shot a beam of light inside their vehicle, according to testimony in Case 75494 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness encountered a disc UFO hovering over power lines. Pictured: Facing east in Clearwater, Kansas. (Credit: Google Maps)
The witness encountered a disc UFO hovering over power lines.
Pictured: Facing east in Clearwater, Kansas. (Credit: Google Maps)

The witness was driving eastbound through Clearwater about 8 p.m. in March 1966 or 1967.

“We noticed a very black object hovering above the power lines alongside a train track,” the witness stated. “It had small windows and was lit up on the inside.”

All three family members reacted at about the same time, asking, “What is that?”

The object then started to travel in the direction of their car, flew over the car and then hovered in front of the car closest to the passenger side.

The UFO moved over the vehicle and shown a light into their car. Pictured: Facing east in Clearwater, Kansas. (Credit: Google Maps)
The UFO moved over the vehicle and shown a light into their car.
Pictured: Facing east in Clearwater, Kansas. (Credit: Google Maps)

“My brother had either stopped the car or it has stopped on its own. There was a very bright, yellow beam of light that was directed at the car and lit up the inside. We all sat very still and didn’t move until I looked at my brother and said, ‘Don’t stare, just go!’”

The witness studied the object.

“About that time the yellow beam of light went out and a door in the bottom of the object closed, then the object took off at a 45-degree angle and dissipated into the air in about three seconds. The car started and we started traveling east on the rural road. We were all silent and I remember feeling angry, nauseated and upset at the incident. I didn’t want to even think about it because it was so unpleasant.”

The object eventually turned off the light and moved away, leaving the passengers feeling nauseated. Pictured: Facing east in Clearwater, Kansas. (Credit: Google Maps)
The object eventually turned off the light and moved away, leaving the passengers feeling nauseated.
Pictured: Facing east in Clearwater, Kansas. (Credit: Google Maps)

Another family member attempted to find out what happened.

“When we got home my mother called the Air Force base close to our home and they denied having any knowledge of anything. I am an elderly woman who has always wanted an explanation as to what this was but doubt that I will ever know. There were no cell phones to take pictures in those days.”

Kansas MUFON Assistant State Director Larry Jordan and Field Investigator Rick Carver are investigating. Clearwater is a city in Sedgwick County, Kansas, population 2,481.

Please remember that most UFO sightings can be explained as something natural or man-made. The above quotes were edited for clarity. Please report UFO activity to - Open Minds.

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