Tuesday, January 19, 2016

UFO SIGHTINGS: The Latest UFO Sightings Across The Globe - January 19, 2016!

Unidentified flying objects flying across the sky above Mudgee in New South Wales, Australia. See more below.

January 19, 2016 - EARTH - The following videos constitutes several of the latest sightings of unidentified flying objects across the globe.

WATCH: UFO sighting filmed over Deerfield Beach, Florida, United States - January 16, 2016.

Eye-witness report [Un-edited]:
I was by the pool relaxing and had my eyes closed for a few minutes, but I felt the need to open my eyes and look to my top left to the sky. At first I thought I had some dots in my contacts or something affecting my vision from having my eyes closed earlier. But as I blinked it didn’t go away. First thought was like are those balloons? And at first the 2 objects were not that far from me so that’s why I thought the balloons are raising into the air. But then I knew there were not balloons as they had the same distance from each other and going in the same direction. beautifully parallel. There was no specific sound, calmness really. The 2 objects kept moving NE but higher to the sky from the initial point I saw them. As soon as I realized this may be something, I started to taking a video and pictures with my phone. However, my video stopped recording after some seconds so I tried another video and it only did a few seconds so I just kept trying to take picture and zoom it as much possible to get a better view. It latest a few minutes. I actually called my mom to tell her and she said she was close so I was telling her I will go to her to show her and my dad. However, our connection failed. So I recalled and said I am coming but as soon as I said that I saw the 2 objects slightly move to the left and disappeared instantly. I wanted to share my experience with others because I am certain this was a unique UFO experience. I also felt an itch on my left and I saw like a line which I took a picture of. The redness lasted at least 30 minutes and don’t have it anymore.


WATCH: Strange orbs filmed over San Antonio, Texas, United States  - January 16, 2016.

Eye-witness report [Edited for clarity]:
As I was sky-watching facing north I notice this object high altitude it did not appear to be an aircraft...When zooming in two rotating orbs traveling high in altitude came into view…You can clearly see a larger orb and a smaller red underneath...They were traveling at high altitude used the top of the rooftop as reference point(giving the altitude it was traveling)… At one point you can see the small red orb enter/exit the larger orb…They appear to be under some sort of controlled, they traveled in constant speed, direction and elevation…On the video stills you can clearly see smaller UFO enter/exit larger UFO… I tried to keep them in frame as they traveled…I followed them until losing sight of them… In my opinion these glowing objects were clearly no aircraft,weather-balloon or satellite…

WATCH: UFO fleet over Mudgee, Australia  - January 15, 2016.

 Disc-shaped UFO sighting over Nova Zagora, Bulgaria - January 14, 2016.

WATCH: UFO over Manchester, Tennessee, United States - January 13, 2016.

Eye-witness report [Edited for clarity]:

My wife and I both at night and in daylight have seen multiple bizarre craft. We thought it was from the underground air-force base. My family moved here in 30s to work on a bomb at Oak Ridge then to the base here to work on flying wing for Northrop. So we didn’t think too much about them other than it was interesting.

I am an engineer and what we saw and filmed tonight was so close we were mortified. It appeared to change shape and had bizarre lighting and left lights drop then vanish from what appeared to be the center lower portion. It emitted localized beams at homes near us (they didn’t go all the way like light.. It had a place the light STOPPED). My wife ran inside and I filmed and photographed it and had her load firearms as we were afraid it could be up to something nefarious. Nothing behaving in this manner isn't.

The final photo after zoom on iPhone and crop is (seriously) a silver disc with a dome top like a hat. It’s not anything like the delta wing three globe light craft we witnessed at dusk at 2.5 story height that's what the base tests. This is something beyond what AEDC is working on. I have never reported before. I have a notebook of drawings of everything we’ve seen and this one is like something from a movie.

Cross and guardian angel-shaped objects in the skies above Michigan and Hawaii, United States - January 13, 2016.

Credit image: Mechaele Loraffe

In the early morning hours of January 13, 2016, Mechaele Loraffe, on her way to work, witnessed a rare sky phenomenon.

It appears to show a beam of light that forms an enormous cross in the sky.

Mechaele Loraffe who shared the image with a meteorologist at a local TV station said “I am overwhelmed; I have never seen a light pillar like this cross before.”

Credit image: Amy Langley

On the same day, January 13, 2016 another photographer, Amy Langley from the town of Koloa on the island of Kauai, Hawaii took a photo of the sunrise.

But instead of a beautiful sunrise, Amy took a photo of a strange apparition in the sky what looks like an angel, a guardian angel.

WATCH: Cigar-shaped UFO sighting over Darwin, Australia - January 6, 2016.

Eye-witness report [Un-edited]:

Did we see a UFO on our dash cam? We were leaving a service station in Darwin NT when our dash cam captured a super fast object moving through the sky. We took some screen shots of the video and enhanced them to get a better look at the object which appear at end of the video.

WATCH: Bright UFO sighting over Broadway, North Carolina, United States - January 4, 2016.

WATCH: UFO gets hit by lightning above Austria - January 1, 2016.

A UFO sighting video that apparently shows mysterious aerial object getting struck by lightning in a New Year’s Eve party in Austria has gone viral on the internet.

Student Marie Mela has reportedly recorded the video in the Mostviertel area of Lower Austria. Since it was posted on January 1, the video has been spread wide across the internet and published on YouTube as well as on several UFO-related pages.

WATCH:Drone captures UFO over Pacific Ocean - January 1, 2016.


WATCH: Bright UFO over Germany - January, 2016.


WATCH: Spinning UFO over Kosovo - January, 2016.

A man claims he saw the strange flying thing close to the village of Budakovo in the southern part of the country earlier in January 2016. He initially thought it could be a drone or an aircraft, but changed after he used his camera and zoomed in.

Several images and a video show a small black object flying high in the sky on a clear sunny sky. The man said that he didn’t have any distinguishing features while moving continually on the spot.

The witness sent his images to a local paper along with his UFO sighting report. According to the witness, the flying object eventually disappeared while going up and not down.

Woman snaps strange object in the skies over Brazil - December 6, 2015.

A woman caught a UFO above Brazil that apparently zapped her phone. The mysterious shape showed in the sky as the woman took photos of the beautiful view of the city of Marmelo, after feeling bored at a football match.

UFO sighting over Liberty Island, New York, United States - October 25, 2015.

WATCH: UFOs over Krakow, Poland - September, 2015.

WATCH: UFO sighting over Goren, Oklahoma, United States - July 2, 2015.

Eye-witness report [Un-edited]:

I shot a video of a UFO. I was on number 10 mountain. That would be in Goren, Oklahoma. I was on cliff edge facing south overlooking Hartshorne, Oklahoma and I noticed this object just sitting still and it started turning these lights on and off.

It was perfectly quiet and if it would have not turned lights on, I would have never known it was there. It had these different color lights underneath it. It was red, green, blue and yellow. The lights were going in a circle with a different spotlight in the center.

Then it turned on more lights and it stayed like this for several hours. It was just doing a light show. Then almost daylight it took off in a blink of an eye. It left out of there so fast that it left like a comet tail. It was traveling like the speed of light.

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