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UFO SIGHTINGS: The Latest UFO Sightings Across The Globe - March 7, 2016!

UFO over Manchester, UK. See more below.

March 7, 2016 - EARTH - The following videos constitutes several of the latest sightings of unidentified flying objects across the globe.

 WATCH: UFO found near Trees in Romania on Google Earth - February 29, 2016.

See Google Earth coordinates HERE.

WATCH: Daytime UFO above Brisbane, Australia - February 29, 2016.

 WATCH: UFO above Scotland - February 29, 2016.

WATCH: Strange lights filmed over Stara Zagora, Bulgaria - February 29, 2016.

Eye-witness report:

I was walking down Ivan Vazov street, and looked in the direction of the football field, it’s a construction site at the moment for some large store.

I looked at the sky and saw those lights, yellow-orange, pretty big (maybe 5-10 times bigger than the biggest star), slowly appearing and disappearing, as if the object was rotating, or just switching the lights on/off.

I don't know if it was a single object with lights or multiple objects. Overall I observed about 4 cycles of the lights slowly appearing and slowly disappearing. At some point the object started moving slowly. I shot a video with my 5 megapixel phone camera. Then the light slowly faded and never appeared again. I waited for a couple of minutes and walked away.

I immediately thought it is a UFO, as I’ve seen something similar in the area a few years ago (tho it was a single light of similar size and color), and my father has seen the same. I felt kind of calm and even disconnected while taking the video, but afterwards I felt pretty excited and a little scared. I was amazed and there were shivers running down my spine and trough my body.

WATCH: UFO above Yellowstone Park, Wyoming, United States - February 26, 2016.

WATCH: UFO recorded on security camera in Longmont, Colorado, United States - February 26, 2016.

WATCH: Multiple UFOs over Las Vegas, Nevada, United States - February 25, 2016.

Eye-witness report:
It was a great night for the night vision camera. I began filming a light to the south before it was fully dark. Initially, I wasn’t sure what it was but know to film just in case. It turned out to be an interesting capture because it ended up being a minimum of four lights which ultimately disappeared below a nearby rooftop. The second set of lights were to the north and I knew immediately that they were special and began filming them because I have filmed similar lights many times before in the same location. What’s so interesting about them is the formations they were flying in and how slowly they were moving. The most interesting thing of all is that this time I know their destination because the camera followed them to Nellis Air Force Base.

They also flew to a very strange area I have filmed on many occasions. It is a location where hundreds of lights seemingly appear out of thin air. I could visually see the lights to the south but the lights to the north did not reveal themselves visually. Finally, in both the north and south videos you will also see airplanes flying through the scene. The aircraft that were flying in the video from the north are very likely military because they appeared to be flying in restricted airspace. You can tell when you are looking at an airplane because the flashing beacon is much stronger and more pronounced.

UFO sighting over Cartago, Costa Rica - February 24, 2016.

Eye-witness report:
I was with my girlfriend visiting Irazu Volcano national park in Cartago Costa Rica. The weather was really nice. very good sun light not cloudy. This Volcano is 3400 mts of altitude above sea level close to the biosphere . so we were above the clouds. Like when you fly on airplane. the sky was really clear so at 11:00 am on that altitude part of the sky was light black.We were taking pictures of the volcano and the landscape.

The clouds looked like a white sea but I noticed close to one of the mountains some clouds with different forms. so I started to take pictures there. Once we finish the tour we headed back home. While I was checking the pictures I noticed one black circle above the mountains I noticed before. It looked like a circular sauce with 2 little antenas one on the top of it and like one on it’s tail. On the moment while taking the pictures I did not see it. I took the pictures in a burst. on one pic you can see the object completely clear on the next one vanished. almost in seconds. All the pictures have less than one minute difference.

WATCH: UFO over San Antonio, Texas, United States - February 23, 2016.

WATCH: UFO activity over Belleville, New Jersey, United States - February 20, 2016.

WATCH: UFO activity over Phoenix, Arizona, United States - February, 2016.

Strange UFO sighting over Newcastle, UK - January 11, 2016

WATCH: UFO passes over the Colima volcano in Mexico - December 31, 2015.

WATCH: Fast UFO filmed over Harstad, Norway - August 26, 2015.

Eye-witness report:
The object changed green / red lights, moved fast above mountains and sea. I looked out over the sea from my balcony. First I saw this object standing still in the sky and I thought it could be a drone, but then it suddenly moved very fast up into the sky in a straight line way to north. I run as fast as I could inside and looked out my kitchen-window while I at the same time told my girlfriend to come see this strange object.

We have never seen anything like this before. The object suddenly moved fast back to where it came from, and we ran back to the balcony where I recorded this object on my iPhone. Then we saw this happening: The object moved very fast from high up in the sky above the mountain. Bright lights changed from red to green while it moved fast down toward the sea. Then it suddenly disappeared behind the building. We stood there like paralyzed, not knowing what to say or feel.

WATCH: UFO sighting above c - August 9, 2013.

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