Thursday, April 14, 2016

UFO SIGHTINGS: UFO Ohio - Black "Flying Saucer" Captured In Eerie Footage?!

April 14, 2016 -  OHIO, UNITED STATES - A UFO, resembling a black “flying saucer” was caught on camera in a spooky video, taken while a father and daughter traveled on an Ohio highway.

The pair were traveling near Chillicothe, Ohio, when the mysterious object appeared, unbeknown to them.

It was only later when the daughter, who was recording aimlessly, looked through her phone’s videos and spotted the strange object in the right corner of the video, flying above the trees.

She showed it to her father, who sent it to Secureteam10, a group that specializes in 'UFO' sightings and conspiracy theories.

The group posted the video to their YouTube page and analyzed what the possible spacecraft could be, noting “odd pins sticking out of it” and its state of hovering just above the treeline.

They ruled out the possibility that the “saucer” could be a drone due to its large size.

YouTube commenters had somewhat different views and many were quick to dismiss the object as an indication of alien life form.

“Doesn't anyone other than myself see that this is a reflection on the windshield?”
one user wrote.
Another left a simple explanation, saying, “raindrop, it's a cloudy day.”

WATCH: Black saucer-shaped UFO over Ohio.


- RT.

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